Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!  What a glorious day! Much to celebrate-- so be joyous!
Last night we attended a Christmas Eve service at church and then came home and had a simple dinner.
We played Rumikub, and Budget and watched a movie. 
When the kids went to bed, I got to work making this video of our trip to Disneyland since it was our *big* Christmas present this year.

Then I worked on stockings.  This is what the kids woke up to in the morning.  What is really nice is that most of the presents were things that they bought each other!
Stockings filled with candy, gum, lotion, erasers, feather hairclips, flashlights, mechanical pencils, jerky, and socks were well received.
Rachel opening her stocking.
The boys opening theirs.
The first thing we did was put the Disneyland video on.  Paul got very grumpy. "Awww, why we have to watch movie right now?"  He was very happy to open his stocking!
The living room was orderly chaos if that makes any sense.  It was fun taking turns watching everyone open their gifts.   We went nice and slow-- to make the morning last.
Anna got a shirt that you can color!
Dennis is in heaven.  His plan was to stay in these new pajamas all day.  I bursted his bubble when I made him change back into his clothes.   There was no way I was going to let him get chocolate pie on his brand new white jammies!  If I know my son though, he will be changing right back into his jammies after he is done eating!
Aunt Tanya gave us some Christmas money.  The boys really wanted a ramp so John and Grandpa went with them to buy some wood.  They came home and got to work. Today they finished it.  What a great gift!  The boys think we have the coolest skateboard park in our neighborhood!  I bet they are right!  Even Caleb is outside skating.
Grandma and Julia working on Suduku.
For Christmas our kids got a group gift-- a heavy duty pencil sharpener (our last one broke) with a case of pencils!  Okay, so it is more practical and useful than creative and fun.  But do you expect from a gal who asked for cups for Christmas? :)
This machine rocks!

Thank you Lord for my awesome family!  Thank you that we get to celebrate your son's birth and receive the greatest gift of all! Merry Christmas!


  1. Merry Christmas Christine!!! From one big family to another!!!

  2. Love this post and all the pictures. :) We had kind of the same morning...opened stocking and took turns opening gifts. My son Landons fave was his train set and Oksana a CD player. We sang Happy Birthday to Jesus before the gift opening though. Landon was looking around saying "Where he? Mom where Jesus?" LOL.
    Merry Christmas to all of you as well, I would have loved to email you a picture of all the white snow here but even in Central Alberta we don't have much this year. :( Its even 5 degrees celcuis today. :)

  3. merry christmas.i had so much fun opening my gifts.thank you so much for all of them!

  4. Merry Christmas Christine!!!


  5. Merry Christmas! Thanks for sharing the photos. It looks like your family had a great Christmas. If you are looking to jazz up your family videos a bit, my husband is selling a holiday template package through Avid. You can find it online, or in those big box stores. I know this must sound strange to be passing this along on your blog. I'm just a follower of your blog, and my husband happens to do this for a living, and it would fit nicely with your videos. :)

  6. Hi! I want to say Merry Christmas to your family. Our church service at the Ukraine church was beautiful. The choir was awesome. No matter what language Silent Night was sung in it was a tear jerker to many at the church service.The reason for the season at this chirch service was really about the birth of the savior.Have a Blessed Day Pat

  7. Merry Christmas Christine!
    I saw Dennis and thought of something, my son Saul has some wall clings of toy story that were never used would you like them for Dennis? If so email me your addy and I will send them to you. Saul is 10 and we never got them up so even though he still likes Toy Story ya know he is just too old for them!
    God Bless,
    Rose Anne

  8. The video was awesome! Looked like everyone had a wonderful time! Merry Christmas to everyone :) Lots of love from all of us, to all of you! <3

  9. It is really amazing how beautiful your family is and how heartwarming it is to see all the kids open up their presents together.

    When i was a kid my christmases always got spoiled because my uncle was a bad drug addict who couldnt afford to buy gifts for my cousins so my grandmother used to buy their presents and tell them that their dad got it for them, but still it was nowhere near the kind of stuff my mom used to buy for me and my brother. My grandmother used to make a stink about me and my brother opening our gifts christmas morning because she felt that it wasn't fair to my cousins and she would ask my mom if she would mind if me and my brother could open our gifts Chrstmas night after everyone went home as opposed to christmas morning so my cousins feelings wouldn't be hurt... needless to say my mom said "NO! this is christmas, and my babies will open their gifts on christmas morning like every other little boy does, and Im not letting my kids feelings get hurt just because your son is a drug addict and has done nothing but ruin every holiday we ever have here." So there was always fighting at my house on the holidays :(

    What I'm getting at is that your family is so blessed and every time i see pictures I can't help but feel so warm because you can tell your house is so full of love :) I hope that all the kids realize how amazing they have it, especially since there is sooooo many of them and it doesn't look like you or your husband cut any corners in making the kids happy. I give you and John so much credit.


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