Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hopefully Only One More Day

Alex has had a much better day.  John came mid morning so that I could come home to be with the other kids.  He is spending the night and hopefully coming home with Alex tomorrow afternoon.  Alex's fever is down, he hasn't vomited all day, and he seems to be in less pain.  Now all he has to do is sit up and walk in the morning and he will be able to come home!

Easier said than done but if anyone can do it-- Alex can!

I was able to do a bit more Christmas shopping today.  The girls helped me wrap a few of the gifts.  We had soft tacos for dinner.  The kids told me that the house had been quiet and boring with me gone.  "You know Mom... without all your yelling," Julia teased me.  I smiled.  She said, "Just kidding.  It's just that you are the woman of this house and when you are not here, it feels empty."

I feel the love. :)


  1. Julia seems to be a remarkable young woman! Love the picture of all the girls with the book that she (or you) sent.

  2. Precious. Love this! Thanking the Lord that Alex is doing better!!



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