Sunday, December 18, 2011


We are home!
Alex was finally released from the hospital around three this afternoon.  He walked out. :)
Here is a picture from the first night after surgery.
Told you he was all smiles despite all that he had just went through.
The next night, John brought homemade cards that the kids had made.  Dennis made five or six and John read them all to Alex phonetically which had him laughing uncontrollably.
"I sss mh pa y y y."
Try reading that.
Or this.
"D d bi ddd aa i ttt."
Alex enjoyed it so much that he asked John to read them over and over.

Alex is doing okay. He has heightened sensation in his legs that causes extreme sensitivity to pressure, touch, or gravity when he stands.  This is the biggest thing that Alex is complaining about. 
Not this.
What a trooper!


  1. Def a trooper. I am glading he is doing well.

  2. I am so glad to see him coming along so well.....I don´t comment veeryday Christine but I do check and read....Love your blog, love your fmaily...

    Hugs to Alex...What a champ!

  3. Welcome home Alex. So glad he is doing better. His smile is so contagious!! :)

  4. That's wonderful news about Alex. Has your family seen the movie The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry? I highly recommend it.

  5. Praise God! What a tropper! I can't get over how much he looks like you Christine. Precious.

  6. Happy christmas to your family and speedy recovery to Alex.

  7. Happy to hear Alex is home & doing much better!

  8. Does heightened sensation mean that he can feel his legs more now, and might that increase his ability too walk, bowel control and the likes?

  9. Hi Christine. I guess I didn't realize Alex had SB! It's amazing how much difference there is not only between SB kids, but it is wonderful to see that kids with SB do great! Gives me hope for Quentins future!


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