Monday, December 5, 2011

Blogs Worth Noting

While we are gone, I thought I would share a few things to read.  They have either encouraged me, blessed me, and or made me think.

The Blessings of Verity-- What an amazing litle girl!

Project TLC-- a wonderful ministry doing fabulous things in Crimea!

Breastfeeding thoughts-- I always fed my babies in public.

Hope Haven-- the first school in Ukraine for kids with special needs.

Mumma of all Boys
On a side note, Dennis woke up in a grumpy mood.  I think he is nervous about going to Disneyland.  The reality that we are going somewhere for a few days is evident by all the bags piled up in our entryway.  Dennis wants to make sure that his Blanket Bear and Buzz are coming so they could ride all the rides with him. 
"And who is going to carry Buzz (his baby) all day?" 
"You can Mom!"
Awww,  I should have guessed.


  1. Thanks for the links~ I look forward to exploring them when I have time!

    Have a wonderful holiday with your precious family!

  2. For a brief moment I thought that said, "Blogs Worth Nothing."

    Somebody needs to smack me.

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