Friday, December 16, 2011

An Alex update

I'm typing from Alex's hospital room because John and Julia brought a laptop.

Going back to yesterday.
When Alex and I got to the hospital yesterday morning the first thing I was told was how our surgeon was never on time.  Imagine my surprise when they took Alex back for surgery a half hour early.  I had to smile when I got a page an hour later that they were starting the surgery. :)

The surgery went well, the incision looks good.  Yesterday Alex seemed to be making excellent progress.  John's work is only five minutes from the hospital so he has popped in a couple of times to see Alex and relieve me so that I could take a walk around the hospital. 

Even when John and Rachel came last night, Alex seemed to be doing well.  But that didn't last long.  Before midnight he vomited up his oral meds-- so I asked for Tylenol suppositories.  Too bad all his other meds can't be given this way as well.   It was a restless night... Alex began a low grade fever, his whole body seems tense.  I slept next to him just so I could keep rubbing his tummy for comfort.  Didn't realize how hot it can actually be sleeping next to a little heater. :)  In the morning he was complaining of a headache and a sore neck.   He was put back on IV fluids because he throws up everything.

Funny thing is we can still make him laugh.  He gets in a smile in between the pain.  Still, I had the doctor paged because my Mama radar senses something is not quite right.

John and Julia are visiting now.  The neurosurgeon just left.  Alex has a squishy pocket on his back that is incredibly sensitive and causes great pain.  It could be air or fluid.  He could have aseptic meningitis, hydrocephalus, or absolutely nothing.  The doctor will be back in the morning to check on him. 

The earliest Alex can come home is Sunday afternoon, but now I am not so sure.  One minute he cries to go home, the next he is happy snuggling and watching Spongebob. 

The nurses have been very nice-- all I have been referred to as is Mom. :)

Thank you for the prayers.  Alex is a trooper!

I want to leave with you one quote from the book "When the Game is Over It All Goes Back in the Box" by John Ortberg. 

"Every time someone says yes to God, the world changes a little.  But sometimes people say no.  Every time you say no to God, you change a little.  Your heart gets a little harder.  Your spirit dies a little.  Your addiction to comfort gets a little stronger."


  1. Aw; I'm sorry Alex isn't completely well. Continued prayers!

  2. I'm praying for you and Alex. I'm also asking for His guidance for the doctors and nurses involved with this; that they would be open to His guidance.

    Poor little Alex. Throwing up after surgery is SO awful! I hope you both can get some sleep tonight!

  3. So glad you are able to be there with him. Even though I am older, my stays in the hospital have been so lonely!

    Praying for healing and praying for the rest of the family. May you all grow closer to each other and closer to the Lord during this time.

  4. I will continue to pray for your family.:)

  5. Oh! You all, and especially Alex, are in my prayers. Poor little man! GEt better soon Alex! I'm sure your brothers and sisters are missing you and your wonderful smile!

  6. Thinking of and praying for Alex and a speedy recovery!!

  7. Hope he heals quickly and that the surgery was a success.

  8. Poor Alex hope today brought improvement for him. It is so hard when your child is in pain.

  9. Hugs to Alex - hang in there! Love Paul and Melissa xxx


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