Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Yay, It's November!

Halloween came and went... peacefully and fairly quietly.  I am not a huge fan of the holiday and yet the kids love it.  My husband is the best though.  He came up with an awesome idea that pleased everyone.  The kids were first set on going trick-or-treating until John found out there was a church carnival skating event celebrating "Happy Hallelujah!"  The boys wanted to go, but the girls didn't.
"Fine," he told them, "but be back from trick-or-treating when the sun goes down."
What??  Trick-or-treating before dark?
That of course is a bit unreasonable, but John stuck to his guns ( he wanted them to go to a place he knew they would have a good time and give me a break) and the kids ended up going with him.
I stayed home with Adam who wasn't feeling well, Caleb who had a paper to type up, and Julia who opted to hand out candy.   It was a much appreciated break.
I thought it would be fun to fill a bowl with a box of mac and cheese, and cans of tuna, green beans, kidney beans, bean sprouts.  When the older kids came around, I would offer them the bowl to choose what they liked.  Since we had very few trick-or-treaters, only one group of kids was old enough to play this joke on.  One girl actually politely asked for the box of mac and cheese until I told them I was joking.  Hey... I thought it was pretty funny!
The kids geting ready to go with John.
There was even a petting zoo!
Rachel won the contest for best skate trick for older teen girls.  She was given a cool pair of sunglasses. 
The kids came home very happy.  Thanks honey for all that you do! 


  1. What a great way to spend the evening. I wish there was something like that here! Maybe we'll start one up for next year!! I love all the pics but really think the last one with John and Alex is amazing! Alex is sure lit up with smiles!!! Way to go John, you made everyones day!!!

  2. Oh, Mac and Cheese is awesome! I prefer that over candy in the Purim baskets!

  3. Looks so fun, love the children's costumes! My little one was Spiderman, wearing the same costume as Dennis; he was shocked to see other Spidermen with his exact same costume all over the place. It was cute.

  4. Where's the "like" button? What a great guy! Sounds fun!


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