Thursday, November 3, 2011

What a Pot!

Anna just loves this scrubby brush.
Dennis thinks that Lightning McQueen should have wings.
Dennis enjoys doing this puzzle because the pieces are in groups of three.
Tonight he began to do it again and I interrupted him because it was bedtime.  He was not too pleased, but as I set the box and pieces up for him to come down to in the morning, he forgave me.
Our charter school discards so much curriculum that I get to sort through it every week and take what I like. 
 I use it for Paul's homework and whoever else needs supplemental work.  It especially comes in handy during the summer months.
Alex and I worked long and hard this week on his spelling words and reading.  Today he took a pretest and got 8 out of 10 words right!  Sveta is great at helping Alex get his other homework done.  I am so appreciative of her hard work, and she feels so proud of her accomplishment as big sister helping with homework.  It is a win-win situation!
After the little boys were put down to bed, and I gave a few quick haircuts, I checked in on the girls.  This is what I found.
Here is what was in the pot.
I can't help but smile.


  1. Love the pictures. This is what I love about large families, there is always someone to help out, someone to play with, a hug when you need one, and a house that is hardly ever quiet. (I do not like it when the kids are all out and the house is too quiet, I miss their noise)

  2. it was so much fun playing poker last night. i wish we could do it every night but someone will end up losing all there stuff eventually

  3. I can't believe how much Dennis looks like John! It's incredible!!

    I can't help but smile at that picture of the girls....what a blast! Kind of like a big sleepover but they are all sisters. Can't get much better than that!! Blesses my heart to see!

  4. Hi Christine! I've followed your blog since Dennis joined your family but it's been a loooong time since I've commented. I'm curious about the curriculum from your charter school. I'd love to know how you're able to get the materials they discard. I, too, am considering homeschooling my 4 y.o. son (adopted from Russia!), and would love to hear more about this.
    thanks and hugs!

  5. What fun to see all the girls in the room playing together!!! Sisters are so fun!

  6. Galina,
    Next time, get a big bag of candy to use as bets, then everyone gets to eat what they win and nobody loses anything really important! (that's what we used to do!)

  7. Your family is the family I wanted to grow up in! HOW I miss having siblings. It is SO lonely! Your girls are very lucky. And your boys, too, of course. Plus you are fortunate parents - to be able to give your children such a joyful home.

  8. Anna is looking older and older every day! And Galina--I agree with Wendy. Candy works perfectly. ;)


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