Tuesday, November 8, 2011


for family.  My Mom and Sis are here for a few days.


  1. Love family visits! May your time together be blessed.

  2. I was just catching up after a couple of weeks. Just saw your post about watching (not watching) the Color Purple. If you're still interested in Civil Rights themed movies I highly a Disney one I showed my kids and my fourth graders. It's called "Ruby Bridges" and is based on a true story about the first elementary aged child to integrate a Southern school during the Civil Rights movement. It made my fourth graders cry to think that some of them/their friends could have been treated like Ruby. It is age appropriate, but might be a little much for the youngest boys. It does use the 'n' word, but I used that to show the kids how much that word hurts. It is still used here in the South~ but WAY less than it was when I was a kid. I teach in public school and rarely hear the word. Anyway, see if you can find the movie. It's really good, I promise. :)


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