Monday, November 7, 2011

The Solution

Finally... a solution. :)
The other day I had to go shopping for shoes for four of the younger boys.  All the girls wanted to come with me, which was fine as long as they knew this: "This shopping trip is for the boys' shoes.  It is not about you and what you would like me to buy you.  If you make this trip about telling me what you would like me to buy you I will interpret it as you telling me that you don't want to come shopping with me anymore.
Okay.  Okay.
And you know what?  The shopping trip was incredibly wonderful.
Guess who has a birthday this week?
Don't ask.  Just kidding.  The girls are forever wrestling and having fun.
This is where Sveta and Anastasia usually sit every morning for school.  Notice that Sveta is not there.  She got sent to her room until she was ready to be nice after getting mad at Anastasia for wanting to copy her calendar-- which I wrote out for her.  When Sveta came back, I reminded her that I wrote in her calendar each week and that Anastasia copied it every week.  If she all of a sudden had a big problem with that, I would be happy to write out Anastasia's calendar and have her copy it.  I think Sveta is over it.
It has been very cold the past few days.  I thought it was the perfect day to self clean the ovens.  They get very hot and heat up the kitchen quite nicely.  You can see Rachel and Galina staying warm during snack time.   That consisted of fruit and cake.  Yum.
Rachel stays quite busy with highschool.  She is very responsible.
After school, I had to take Jonny to get his glasses fixed and then go grocery shopping.  While I was gone, Rachel and Galina sweetly worked on Dennis and Alex's turkeys with them. They turned out great!
This was John and I after dinner.  It just cracks the kids up to see us so goofy. :)


  1. Oh what a great idea! A sharpie and disposable razors! LOL We have 3 in need, soon to be 4! :)

  2. Sometimes the sharpie rubs off in the shower, so you can always add a dollop of different colored nail polish on it too!

  3. My girls and I have always just interchanged razors. Is that tacky?

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your description of the pre-shopping trip discussion. I was just observing some of my religion classes yesterday. So often the difference between a successful activity and a catastrophe is simply stating expectations beforehand. It is not fair to get cross and yell at kids because they didn't correctly intuit what the rules are!

    I love the photo of the girls in the kitchen. Are you SURE there aren't a few spares there?

  4. This post makes me happy! Love it!!

    Did you draw the turkeys? Love that idea, but I'm a horrible drawer...

  5. This post makes me happy! Love it!!! I think it's always great for kids to see their parents goofy and showing love to one another. Love this!!

    Love the turkey projects! Did you find that online? I would love to do that with my kids but I'm a horrible drawer....

    Great post!!

  6. Your girls are beautiful-- as are all your children!!

  7. How's Dennis's eye? The skin seems really red around it in these pictures. Regardless, he's cute as a button as always. I just hope it isn't bothering him. :)

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  9. Loved the turkey!
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