Friday, November 11, 2011

A Small Break

My Mom brought us this little radio-- just one of the things she found while downsizing.
It is the most perfect addition to our kitchen.  We are continually singing... dancing...
Our station?  Air1 of course!
We can't help but have our spirits lifted!
This morning Caleb has basketball tryouts.  Adam, being the great big brother that he is, woke him up and drove him.  Now he is hanging out with younger brothers playing Wii.
Paul is sick.  He came home with a headache and sore throat.  I asked him why he didn't go to the nurse.
"I do my math."
I am sad that he is sick, but at the same time, it is an opportunity to draw close to him.  He has let me take care of him-- a sign of trust that I am thankful for.
Dennis thought it was okay to play "Slide the blocks across the kitchen table"  at breakfast.  He is in a timeout which evolved into playtime right near the end.  This boy sure loves to play!
We have been busy, busy, busy.
Today is a birthday.
We had to flush one of our frogs down the toilet.
We have had a rough week of home school.
William had to have a tooth pulled.
I had to follow up with Paul's evaluation process.  Who knew a few phone calls mentioning "staying within the timeline" would speed up the process?
Please remember our Veteran's today.  They are courageous!


  1. We have just recently got back into listening to the radio...usually we listen to c.d.s.

    A great station we found that you can listen to online is Hope Paul starts to feel better soon.

  2. Who has a birthday? We have a birthday here too! Well, kind of. The birthday boy worked and then went out with his friends. We'll eat pie on Sunday.

  3. Espero que haya superado la prueba de baloncesto y que el enfermo no tenga ya fiebre y se encuentre mejor.

  4. Sorry to hear you had a tough week with school, hope next week is better! That picture of Dennis is soooo cute, love his smile.

  5. Hi! At the Ukraine church yesterday several older men who fought in ww11 talked about aiding the American soldiers during the second world war. I had my son thank these Ukraine soldiers who aided the Americans in their time of need.I think as Americans we should thank our own soldiers and all the soldiers from other countries who have aided us in making our country free.Pat


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