Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Pink Birthday!

Galina's birthday was yesterday.  It was a very special day since it was the first birthday that we have spent  with her.  We decided to keep it a family event.

The day began with us making the bestest cupcakes ever.
I stirred mint extract and red dye into the vanilla frosting and the girls frosted the cupcakes.
Then we topped them with crushed candy canes.
Oh my, were these the bomb!
For dinner we got Chinese food.  I took the birthday girl along with Sveta, Annalyn, and Paul to pick it up.
We had some fun cruising in the parking lots waving to people and screaming "Hi!"
At first Paul did not think this was very much fun at all-- but near the end I saw some enjoyment.
Galina of course had lots of fun!
The kids got lots of chopsticks.  It was fun to watch them eat with them.
Anastasia's way is quite original don't you think?
The girls used the extra chopsticks as hair accessories.
Happy birthday Galina! What a beautiful young lady you are!
Dennis made a homemade card.  It made so much more sense when he read it.
Galina got her handmade treasure chest from Grandma and Grandpa filled with treasures.
Galina got pink pancake mix with chocolate chips to match her pink, fuzzy jammies.
After opening presents, John took Galina out to Starbucks for Daddy-Daughter time.
Later in the night, all the girls had a slumber party and watched movies.
This is them early this morning.  A few of the girls went to their bed in the middle of the night-- I guess nothing beats their cozy bed.

Happy 13th birthday Galina!
We are so blessed to have you as our daughter!


  1. Mmmm, those cupcakes look delicious! What a fun birthday. Galina is beautiful. I know you're proud and blessed to have her as your daughter. :)

  2. Happy Birthday, beautiful girl!

    I just realized what a blessing take-out/delivery food must be for you. We've been given grief just by taking our six kids out in public and the waiters aren't too happy about moving tables around for us. Sometimes, they even charge an extra fee for it!

    I can only imagine what it's like for you to show up with all of your blessings! :)

    You do such a great job of making each child feel so special.

  3. Sounds fun. She looks so happy. Love the pink fuzzy pj's. :)

  4. Happy Bday Galina! Hope it was a wonderful one.

    And those cupcakes look like they were professionally made! Very impressive and I'm sure delicious.

    Cheryl in ID

  5. Happy Birthday Galina! Sure looks like you had a very special day! A teenager now as well as your first birthday memories as a Reed. An extra special celebration! I love the cupcakes and also your new p.j's. :)

  6. Happy birthday Galina! 5 13 year old girls now in one house? I'll be praying for you ;)!

  7. Happy b-day to a very sweet and beautiful young lady.

  8. Happy Birthday Galina! (Zana says happy birthday too :D )

  9. Happy Birthday, Galina! A couple Christmases ago, I made red velvet cupcakes with peppermint frosting, topped with candy canes. YUM!

  10. Happy Birthday, Galina! 13 is quite the milestone! Happy Teenager-hood! :)

  11. Oh my those cupcakes look absolutely wonderful. WOuld love the recipe. Happy happy birthday Galina. What a lovely girl she is and what a blessing for her to apart of your family

  12. What a nice party! Those cupcakes are so pretty.

  13. Happy birthday to Galina!

    She looks so happy and relaxed - not just in these photos, but all your recent ones of her - she obviously is very happy being one of your family.

  14. Galina is one lucky girl... I'm so very glad she ended up in your family.

    It is Zhenya's 13th birthday, too! (Or 12th, depending on who you believe.)

    The cupcakes are adorable!

  15. Felicidades Galina ¡que cumplas muchisimos más!

  16. Mouthwatering cupcakes! We just had a birthday and we made mint and chocolate cupcakes! And my girls like to use chopsticks for their hair. We have a few that they painted and covered in laque, to match other accessories.

  17. Happy Birthday Galina! The cupcakes look so yummy!

  18. Happy Birthday! What fun big families are!! We love it too...I just found your blog during all of our searching for more info since we are getting close to travel to adopt twins! So excited and happy to find your blog for inspiration...thank you!

  19. Dear Smiles and Trials you have won the Sunshine Award for your exceptional blog. I just love your blog! Now go and find out what you have to do to except your awaard.

  20. Happy Birthday, Galina. And good luck, Christine, with having another teenager in the house. ;-)

    (I keep submitting my homestudy on 12yr old girls here in the States, and my mom thinks I'm crazy.)

    Does River of Joy have a website? I've been reading your blog over the past week or so and now can't find where you posted the link if it has one.

  21. Happy, happy Birthday to your Galina ~ what a beautiful, girly birthday she had ( I love pink!).
    Have a lovely week

  22. Hi! Galina Happy Birthday you are a true joy to your familiy. I liked your Miss Kitty pj's Pat


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