Monday, November 14, 2011

Off To A Good Start

The week has started out well. For that I am thankful.

First off, John and I are more in love than ever. Doesn't that sound corny? It seems like every high and low in our marriage only brings us closer together as we share in the good times and bad. God's love, grace, and patience with us is a constant living example how we are to be with each other. Next month we will celebrate 18 years of marriage.

We finally received word from the IRS stating that we sufficiently proved our adoption expenses dating back to 2005 (that was fun), and we can actually see a small refund pending in our account. Sure beats them saying we owe thousands of dollars. What a rollercoaster ride that was.
All the kids had a great day at school-- including all the homeschoolers. We met with our Education Facilitator who was very encouraging, and I met with Dennis and Alex's teachers for parent conferences. Paul impressed me with his math skills today.

We officially firmed up vacation plans today-- God willing we will be going to Disneyland in a few weeks. What's really nice is that we got awesome group rates and Grandma and Grandpa, my Mom and my Sister will be joining us. Should be fun!

If you are looking for an inspiring book that will challenge you to grow closer to God by asking the Holy Spirit to indwell in you, I encourage you to read Forgotten God by Francis Chan. I just finished reading it and I am actually going back to read it again so that I can highlight the parts I hope to share with my kids.

This month is National Adoption Month. There are many ways you can help. Please consider hosting a child this winter through God's Waiting Children. Or you can donate to Reece's Rainbow Angeltree 2011. The money donated to one of the children goes directly to the family who chooses to adopt to help cover the cost of adoption. Without these monetary gifts many of these children would never find homes because of the high cost of adoption.


  1. We also just got our refund from the IRS. Not looking forward to going through the same issues next year when we claim Adelise's adoption. Hopefully this year helps them get their ducks in a row for next year!

    I'm excited for you to go to Disneyland again. It's one of our favorite places!

  2. I hope you all have fun at Disneyland!

    I've been enjoying your blog for several months now, since earlier this summer. You have such a lovely family. I was wondering if Julia and Rachel ever post on their blogs? I know I checked a while back and there was nothing there.

    ~Joy Caroline

  3. I love to hear that marriage can be great and that people can be in love after so many years. There are so many bad examples that hearing A good one is just simply WOW! Thank you for sharing. Renews my faith in it...

  4. We are helping our pastor's family adopt from Peru. They started this process 22 months ago, and just got final approval for a specific little girl in the last two weeks. They're expecting to travel right after Christmas and probably spend a month there. Our church is so excited for them. This will be one welcomed, loved little girl. :)

  5. Hi! A family vacation can be a lot of fun but also a lot of work getting ready. But Disneyland is a great place to visit. I have been there before.I have never filed on my taxes for adoption credit.But I know the extra adoption refund money has aided many families to have the funds to adopt again. I really love the agency -God's Waiting Children.This agency really aids the children they serve.They have very low administration costs. The money they do have goes right back to the children's projects they provide. Pat

  6. I have not been at your blog for quite sometime. In just scrolling down I noticed how Galina has changed a LOT since we here in the blogosphere first met her. Her face is so pretty, much softer (and of course grown up).

    Love does amazing things for the human body.



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