Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mostly Smiles

This is a most unflattering picture of me, but Rachel was excited to take it.  I *splurged* last week and bought this big griddle so that we can fry 8-10eggs, or 8 grilled cheese sandwiches or pancakes all at one time.  She things I could be a cook at a restaurant!
 Homemade bread continues to be a staple in our home.
And it doesn't get old!
This picture was taken a few days back when we were working on Dennis' Soap Box Car.
Earlier this week, Jonny received an award at school.
Congrats!  Keep reading Jonny!
After church today, Rachel wanted to make smoothies.  I told her she would most likely have all the kids wanting smoothies before long.
Sure enough.  Strawberry smoothies.  Pineapple smoothies.  Banana smoothies.
Paul and Dennis really enjoyed them!
John braided Julia's hair.
He asked me what I would rate it.  I said about a 6. :)
Tonight is a concert.  That is where John is with most of the kids.  He also took four of the kids' friends from church including Caleb's girlfriend Taylor.  (Wow, did I just say that?)

I stayed home with a handful of the kids.
The evening is going well.  When some of the kids are gone, it changes the dynamics in the house.  It is kinda nice.

As a treat for the ones that stayed home, I ran out and picked up McDonalds-- in the pouring rain which was not fun.  I was bummed to find out they forgot Anna's McChicken. 
She happily ate an extra cheeseburger.  Which is good because I was not about to go back in the pouring rain. I did call though-- and they recorded our missing sandwich.
Tomorrow Dennis goes to the Cranio-Facial Clinic to see a team of doctors associated with treating cranio-facial abnormalities.  I'm interested to hear what they have to say.
Hopefully they will address the pus that started coming out of his ear yesterday so that I don't have to make an extra visit to our primary care physician too.  Dennis has no pain, no fever-- just pus which has me a little puzzled.  I bet it has something to do with the way he pulls and pokes his ear when he puts himself to sleep and the fact that he has tubes.  We'll see.  


  1. Your bread looks fantastic! Yummy! We have smoothies every Sunday night. Banana/Strawberry ones are our favorites!

  2. Does Dennis have grommets? If so then the discharge is fairly normal. It's the way his ear is getting rid of it all, and will prevent an infection. If not, it could mean he has a burst eardrum - effectively the same cause of the discharge - it's draining so won't/shouldn't get infected. However if the drum is burst it will mean he won't hear so well out of that ear for quite some time

  3. the pus coming out of Dennis ear is infection and since he has tubes it comes out instead of staying behind the ear drum and making him sick. My kids both have tubes and this happens often.

  4. Hi!I love your bread it looks so good. I recently bought some bread from a Bosian bakery in town. The bakers but hole marks on the bread. The bread is wonderful and very moist. Happy eating Pat

  5. I love that a "handful" of the kids is 7 of them. :D That's too cool.
    Also, your husband can braid better than I can, which is why I'm glad we have only boys!


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