Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Digest 24

Susan Hight said...
How's Dennis's eye? The skin seems really red around it in these pictures. Regardless, he's cute as a button as always. I just hope it isn't bothering him. :)
November 8, 2011 9:29 AM

Thanks for asking.  The skin around the eye will be red for about a year after surgery.  Thankfully it does fade over time.  We use Mederma when I remember and he does not have eczema on his face.

You really need to get your kids to the dentist more often, every 6 months is recommended. There's no excuse for such yellow teeth. Also, do you want them all to have mouths full of cavities

By Anonymous on The Solution on 11/11/11

I feel sorry for you.  I really do.  I hope you can let go of the anger, bitterness, and downright nastiness that your comment exudes.  Maybe you'd like to join me with three of my kids to the dentist tomorrow and pick up the bill too since you are so concerned about their teeth.  I would really appreciate it.

Cody Lee said...
Happy Birthday, Galina. And good luck, Christine, with having another teenager in the house. ;-)
(I keep submitting my homestudy on 12yr old girls here in the States, and my mom thinks I'm crazy.)
Does River of Joy have a website? I've been reading your blog over the past week or so and now can't find where you posted the link if it has one.
November 14, 2011 6:04 PM

I think teenagers are awesome-- so what's another one? :)  Yes, River of Joy has a website.  You can check it out here.

Joy said...
I hope you all have fun at Disneyland!
I've been enjoying your blog for several months now, since earlier this summer. You have such a lovely family. I was wondering if Julia and Rachel ever post on their blogs? I know I checked a while back and there was nothing there.
~Joy Caroline
November 15, 2011 2:34 PM

Rachel and Julia will read this and maybe it will encourage them to post more to their blogs.  We'll see. :)

Anonymous said...
I have not been at your blog for quite sometime. In just scrolling down I noticed how Galina has changed a LOT since we here in the blogosphere first met her. Her face is so pretty, much softer (and of course grown up).
Love does amazing things for the human body.
November 16, 2011 1:01 P

You noticed it too?  Galina has changed so much.  Can you believe we are already approaching the one year mark?  She has surprised us so much with how easy her transition has been.  For the longest time I was waiting for the honeymoon period to end... and it has in a way... but nothing big.  She has really made an amazing transformation with us.  It just confirms to us that she was meant to be here.

Jamey and Catherine said...
I love this post! Somehow she seems like the quiet/ shy type but Im wrong arent I. :)
November 16, 2011 9:27 PM

You are so wrong. ;)  She is actually my loudest daughter!  I do wonder what it would be like if she was shy?  Hmmm--- Anna shy??  LOL-- Nope, can't picture it!

gen2revztruth said...
This is completely unrelated to your girl Anna, sorry, but I really need your help!
You have teenage boys, boys who have gone through all the hormonal changes, please, please contact me about how to deal with them, what they were like age 8 onwards, what to expect, and how to survive this nonsense from them! If you have twitter my username is the same as this one, or can you reply on here and I'll give you my email or something in priv msg.
Thankyou, hope you have time to respond! I'm getting a little desperate with my eldest!
November 18, 2011 1:14 AM

Take a deep breath.  You'll get through it.  Teenage boys aren't that bad. By eight they usually smell all boy in every sense but mine have outgrown it by the time they are teenagers-- except for maybe the feet. :)  Their voices will change, they will sleep more, but I honestly have not noticed that big of a change.  Yes they are spreading their wings more and voicing their opinion but if you take the time to invest in your relationship with them rather than give them more space, you'll stay close.  I talk to my boys, I still give them hugs and kisses on the cheek, and I try not to forget birthday spankings. :)  None of my kids have FaceBook, cell phones, or tvs or computers in their rooms.  They are allowed to Skype with friends but not when we are asleep.  I give my kids an inch, they ask for a mile-- but what kid doesn't?  I wish I could give you concrete answers-- all I know is that early on my husband and I were taught in a parenting class that our kids should be blessings to others including us.  We don't ask them to do things that we don't do ourselves and I think they respect us for that-- at least I hope they do.   Despite my very best effort, I blow it with my kids every. single. day.  Knowing that, and seeing their forgiveness helps me to be graceful too.  The best way to do this is to try and not keep a record of wrong.  Sure that may come back and bite you now and then when they test you with, "When?  When did I do that?"  and all you can answer back is, "I don't know when, but I know you did!"  LOL-- we would be an even bigger mess of a family if we kept track of every wrong we had done to us.

Melissa said...

This little girl has been on my mind often since you posted. I've been praying for her.
November 27, 2011 8:52 PM

Please keep her in your prayers.  She is still available for adoption.  Besides for one donation, her grant has
not moved up one penny.  Tamara is at a wonderful baby home right now, but I don't know for how much longer.   I think of her often.  I'm certain she would be a cuddlebug. :) I have a sweet, adorable picture of her feet that comes to mind throughout the day.   Ever since we first saw Sveta and Anna's pure white feet back in 2005 because they were never allowed to be outside without socks and shoes-- feet have represented to me a child's freedom.  Freedom to run around barefoot and squish mud between their toes and get all wrinkly from a long bubblebath!  I don't think Tamara has experienced any of that.  Imagine what a delight it would be to experience all those firsts with such a sweetheart of a girl.  The thought makes me smile.

Hevel said...

I really apreciate your honest blogging. There are so many entries I want to write, and there's one I'll eventually post (wrote it a while back) about raising sexually active teenagers and all that it involves... But I'm chicken to post it now.
November 28, 2011 12:28 PM

Hevel, thank you.  Hopefully one day you will post what you have written so that others may learn from you.

Anonymous said...

I love your readers, they are so kind and helpful and positive, What a blessing! You would not get all these suggestions and experiences if you did not blog so honestly. My little sister liked the silky material on her blanket and used to go to sleep stroking it, my granddaughter rubs the edge of her pillow against her cheek, my nephew needed to have a clean cloth diaper near his face.
November 28, 2011 5:51 PM

I never thought of the underwear touching as a tactile issue.  They are normal cotton-- nothing special.  Still, it could be.  Either way, he is back to just sleeping with his stuffed doggy. 

Anonymous said...

Maybe he wants to be a girl. Let him dress that way if he wants too, or are you one of those Christians who thinks it is wrong for a guy to be transgender or gay? >.>
November 29, 2011 1:49 PM

Pa---leeze!  I'm not even going there.


  1. Sorry, but I am laughing up a storm at that last comment about boys being girls, etc. Seriously? I have three boys and we are raising them as boys just like you are! And I am proud to say I am a Christian trying to live for Jesus the best I can.

    Like you said! Pa.......leeze!

  2. The last comment was worded poorly, but I see nothing wrong about it. Angelina Jolies daughter Shiloh wants to dress and act like a boy, and they let her. Not letting your children be themselves is the worse thing you can do.

    By the way, this is in no ways meant to be negative to you, I love your blog and think you do a wonderful job with your children. Just a lot of Christians do tend to focus on some parts of the bible and not others.

  3. To the last anonymous commenter:

    A while ago I asked Christine what she'd do if one of her children came out as gay to her. I wish I still had the link to her wonderful and honest answer to that! You'd realize how much you oversimplify a question in the wrong way.

    Hevel (an openly gay Jewish father of many

  4. Thankyou for that awesome reply! :)

  5. Okay the transgender comment was absolutely silly in this situation but I hope you are not instilling the belief that it is wrong to be LGBT. I grew up in a a completely Christian home who shamed the idea - and as a result I felt a lot of self hate. The suicide rate for LGBT teens is crazy high for this reason. I then in turn rejected the christian faith and my parents (who were hateful and judgmental). I have since found pride in who I am, made piece with and returned to the christian faith (liberal church) but have not talked to my parents since that time. I'm not suggesting any of your children are LGBT I'm suggesting that surveys suggest that 10 percent of the population is. I hope if one of your kids is LGBT you will not shame them, question who they are, or passively call it a sin. Just to clarify - being LGBT is NOT a choice. The only choice I made was to go be true to who I am and how I was created, and stop being miserable (because yes I did try being straight, and it was horrible ....much like trying to pretend to be gay would be miserable for you)

  6. There is no such thing as a 'liberal church' if youare taking the word of God seriously and not trying to change it to fit your sins. We don't get to change God. He changes us...

  7. Thank you for answering my question! I was so glad to sign on to Blogger this morning and see a Digest post on Smiles and Trials come up on my news feed. :)

  8. I think that your children have beautiful teeth! I didn't notice any yellow...but so what if they are? I visit the dentist faithfully and always have and yet...I have always had yellowish teeth.

  9. First of all I never noticed anything about your kids' teeth. Second, maybe the anonymous commenter forgot that kids' teeth fall out? All kinds of crazy things happen to baby teeth. My brother fell down twice when he was little and both times hit his mouth. He had three black teeth until they fell out! Third, people have different shades of enamel. Some people can't get their teeth whiter no matter what they do including having the dentist bleach them.

    It is crazy to me what comments people post online!!!

  10. @Chelsea ouch! My son smashed his tooth when he was a toddler and it shattered the whole jaw area around, his teeth have since grown funny and he will need braces:(
    His tooth went black also after only a few days, and it stunk, cos it was dead!
    A dentist had to rip it out under a local in hospital. Did a dentist not think to do that for ur brother? Poor kid lol
    I agree btw ppl r crazy rude online, no one would walk up to a stranger in public and say their kids teeth were disgusting, they'd probably get a smack in the mouth! But everyones brave enough to show how ugly they are on the inside thanks to the anonymity of the internet! Sad.
    Love Christines remark about the person paying for the dentist bill for ur kids, lol!

  11. As an lgbt community member, the liberal church is a wonderful thing. No one is changing the word of God, but the people are more accepting of differences that those in conservative churches often deem shameful. It's a p,ace where we can hear the word of God without the hurtful words of people getting in the way

  12. Hi! I like reading your blog because you keep your life real becareful some people are nasty and take what you write and put their own spill on it.You and John are wonderful parents to all your children.Pat

  13. Anonymous says "No one is changing the Word of God..." So, if that is indeed true, what do they do with Romans 1:26,27? If they truly haven't changed the Word of God, those verses are still in their Bibles! So, what do they do with them? Turn a blind eye? Pretend they're not there? Skip right over them? Hastily turn the page? Read something else?

  14. How often, when I read one of your digests do I thank God I don't have all that many readers! Sheesh!

    MY pet peeve are the people who have such startling, and unnaturally white teeth that you can hardly pay attention to them for the distraction.

  15. @Homestay Mama oh there's a whole lot more than those two verses they're removing/ignoring! It's terrifying! God's told us straight how He will deal to anyone who changes His word and teaches false doctrine to others. There are a whole lot of people who call themselves 'christians' who need their blinders removed. I can't understand it. You either read the bible and know it's the full total truth of God and fear it like you should, let it convict you, repent and be saved... Or you run a thousand miles from it. I can't understand people who are apart of 'churches' claiming 'christianity' who read the bible for themselves and know that their 'church' is twisting the truth and ignoring Gods authority totally, and keep going along happily with it! ...blindness.

  16. I had to laugh at the comment about the yellow teeth. A few of my kids have very yellow teeth (Tim's were actually covered in black iron-staining)--as a result of their early childhood in Ukraine. It's great to know that now people are also going to be judging me on my kids' teeth, which I have had no control over until the last couple of years! ;)


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