Sunday, November 27, 2011

All About Paul

Paul is quite the character.
He is eleven years old.
Paul is quiet and shy.
But every once in a while he makes sure he is heard.
He can eat more than anyone in this family.
If I had to pick something that he doesn't like, it would have to be cheese.
Paul is pretty easy to get along with.
He goes with the flow easier than any other child of mine.
I've never heard him say, "I'm bored."
The littlest of things can make him happy.
A haircut, a new toothbrush, a bag of chips from the store, or a pad of paper.
It is refreshing to be around such a content child.
Paul doesn't talk much about his past. 
Probably because he doesn't talk much around others accept for his brothers.
Imagine my surprise when a sibling came and told me that he was talking about his birth parents.
"I don't know why they don't want me.  They throw me away like trash."
And he was serious.  This was saddening to hear, but at the same time I was glad that he was finally opening up.  I told him to never call himself trash as I explained that many times parents are unable to care for their children because they don't know how and they can't afford to buy food for them.  The best place for them to go is to an orphanage until their new family comes for them just like we did.
Our talk didn't last long as we parted with a hug and he went off to play.
Paul tries hard.
In the last six months he has become interested in video and computer games.
Little by little, I see him improving.
Baboonya (my Mom) got him started on Bejeweled. :)
Paul enjoys skateboarding and basketball.
He loves to draw.
When Julia bakes he loves to lick the beaters.
Paul is patient.
He is kind.
He knows how to be funny.
He is a great brother and son.


  1. What a contagious smile he has! It definitely spread to me tonight! :)

  2. What a great post! He looks so happy and what a smile. :) Lights up the room! Im glad he is doing so well and that hes finally opening up about his earlier life. Its another step forward. :)

  3. We have tried to work with our state in getting a boy that age but FL is very difficult to work with and our country has just about made it impossible for us to foster or adopt. Paul sounds wonderul. Hope he will be able to come to terms with his past.

  4. I don't know why they don't want me, they throw me away like trash...
    Oh Paul u precious little boy! Ur Mama's right some people can't look after their kids, & God wanted u to have ur Mama Christine and Dad John who would LOVE u and teach u about Him and keep u like ur made out of gold!
    Ur not trash little man. Far from it. Gods got a special plan for u. Your super important to Him!
    P.s: we like bejeweled too. Have u tried bookworm? It's a good word game.

  5. Hi! Was Paul older when he went to the orphanage. He might remember his birth parents. Maybe he had good times with his family and was never told by his birth family they was taking him to the orphanage .He might have been just dropped off. You are super. He sees you doing a great job with your family and wishes his birth parents could have been like you and John.Pat


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