Wednesday, November 16, 2011

All About Anna

Anna is a teenager now.
She has been home over six years.
In that time, I can't believe how much she has blossomed.
She is this pretty flower standing tall reaching for the sky.
She is vibrant and spunky and loves to laugh.
Anna loves to listen to music and learn the lyrics.
She likes to roller blade and talk on the phone.
Anna is a Hot Cheetos fanatic!
She always asks to lick the jello bowl and the empty can of condensed milk.
She prefers hot tea over hot chocolate.
Anna loves to cuddle.  She is incredibly helpful-- often when you least expect it.
If you need to know something about someone- she is the go to person.
School is not her favorite thing, but she is incredibly smart-- I know it!

One of Anna's favorite things to do is hair.  She is amazing whether it's a curling iron or hair straightener in her hand.  She makes bows out of any ribbon she finds.
She is very creative like that!

There is something about Anna that is genuinely real. 
If she is mad-- you know it.
If she is sorry about something-- you know that too.

Anna is not very neat by nature, but that's because she likes to keep boxes and boxes of treasures.
The other day while cleaning out her room, we came across a little book she got in first grade.
Like many things, she is not ready to part with it.
Anna is a treasure-- I am so glad to have her as my daughter.


  1. That is so sweet. :) Our Anna LOVES hot cheetos too! LOL

  2. I love this post! Somehow she seems like the quiet/ shy type but Im wrong arent I. :)

  3. Anna, es muy guapa, tiene una cara divertida y angelical.
    Se parece a mi hijo Antonio ¡tampoco le gusta ir a la escuela! aúnque este año está sacand buenas notas.

  4. Hi Christine
    What a beautiful daughter she is & a blessing to your whole family!
    Treasure her ~ as I'm sure you do!

  5. Very sweet! She has a beautiful smile!

  6. This is completely unrelated to your girl Anna, sorry, but I really need your help!
    You have teenage boys, boys who have gone through all the hormonal changes, please, please contact me about how to deal with them, what they were like age 8 onwards, what to expect, and how to survive this nonsense from them! If you have twitter my username is the same as this one, or can you reply on here and I'll give you my email or something in priv msg.
    Thankyou, hope you have time to respond! I'm getting a little desperate with my eldest!

  7. Anna's hair looks so much longer. I'm so glad you've started doing these "profiles" again!


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