Monday, November 21, 2011

All About ANdrew

Andrew is my fifth child in order of when the kids joined our family.
He was excited about life from the very beginning being my only child to be born early.
Two weeks early.  Thank you Andrew-- I owe you one. ;)
Anyway, he is an incredible boy.

For school he was asked to draw a Thanksgiving themed cartoon/comic.
This is what he came up with.
"Come on Andrew.  Help me rake these leaves."
"Fine, but I get to jump in them after."

If I had to describe Andrew in one sentence-- it would be easy.
Andrew is Caleb's mini-me.
Andrew is a cutie.
He is honest, hardworking, playful, and smart.
Shhhh-- he is also a cuddlebug.
He likes to buy hot Takis from the ice-cream man even though he knows I think it is a rip off.
Ahhh, the joys of childhood I guess.
"It's still a rip-off Andrew."  I say.

Andrew excels in school.
His teachers *usually* adore him. ;)
He loves to have fun.
He build forts.
He skateboards.
He draws.
Andrew is easy to get along with.
He has a heart of gold when it comes to doing what is right.
When we had a family meeting about adopting Galina, Andrew said he was on board 100 when the scale was only 1-10.

Andrew is all boy.
Often that means getting bumps and bruises.
Thankfully, he enjoys being loved on when that happens.

Don't ever change Andrew!
You are one of a kind!


  1. Oh how I love to read tributes, being thankful for each child and their individuality.... its all grace.

  2. What a cutie and a sweetheart!! He really does look just like Caleb!

  3. Looks like he spends his free time bench pressing Caleb!

  4. I love these profiles. I also can't wait for another digest.

  5. Hi! All your children are different and wonderful. Keep up the good job on parenting Pat


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