Friday, November 18, 2011

All About Adam

It's amazing how time flies.
It seems like just yesterday that Adam was my big five year old-- my first child to go to school.
Now he is 16.
A teenager.
A driver.
A year and a half from graduating high school.
Adam is responsible, mature, intelligent, dependable, and very musically talented.
He has a passion for playing guitar.  He uses this gift to serve the Lord by being a part of the worship band at church.
Adam loves pizza, tacos, Dr. Pepper, and Carl's JR.
He enjoys dessert- but can you believe that he will pass up mint cupcakes?
He loves to read.
He loves to be challenged.
Adam is content hanging out at home.
Today he had to take cupcakes for one of his classes-- probably for a potluck.
They were packed in my cupcake carrying case so that they would stay fresh.
First thing he did when he got home was wash and dry it.
I so appreciate that about my son.

Adam gives teenagers a good name.  Adam blesses our family. 


  1. you must really proud of him rite? :)

  2. How lucky you are, that Adam is the oldest and such a wonderful role model for the rest of the family. What a blessing!

  3. Congratulations on this guy so great.
    Actually, I congratulate you that you have family, so every day struggles and the result you get from it.
    You are admirable and successful.

    Long ago I follow your blog, I found it by chance, I am Spanish, but I fell in love with your family and since then I follow, I like watching how they grow and how, with your partner, you give a future to children and train them as well. I like to see the progress of the smallest, too, especially with regard to health.

    I usually read, but do not write (I'm pretty bad with English) but with this entry, I could not resist and looked for a translator online.
    I am a teacher at a religious school. Also school counselor. I have to say I'm delighted with my work, my colleagues and my students, but working on it, I know how hard it is to bring up teenagers and that they know to choose the most appropriate ways and be good people, friendly and polite.

    So I want to congratulate you and your children, especially your child today ^ _ ^

    I give my full support and encouragement to go on and give examples of things you can do well and succeed.

    I am proud to see families like yours:) I like so well to educate my children if I have them someday ...

    A hug,

  4. You are blessed, indeed! I have a great teenaged son myself (well, a truely gentlemanly, helpful, serious-minded sweetheart in Sergei) but I don't think he would have washed the cupcake holder. That's really special.

  5. What an awesome young man!

    You are so blessed!!

    Amy <><

  6. What a great guy!! I have one of those teenagers too!! Feels good!!!

  7. Love to see boys my age that give teens a good name, especially a Christian. They are so hard to find. Keep it up Adam!

  8. He sounds like a real blessing and gift from GOd.

  9. I have five beautiful little girls five and under. I love them to pieces, but must admit I long for a son. The other night I had a dream that for some reason I had adopted all your children. I was going around trying to get to know them and breaking up a few squabbles. Kaleb was teasing Adam and I asked Adam why. He said he had made the honor roll. I said I was very proud of him and he gave me a very sweet hug. His hug felt safe and calming, like my big little brother's hugs (he's fifteen.)

    Enjoy your sweet son! His light shines so that even strangers can see it in their dreams!

  10. What a wonderful example he is to his younger siblings. Thanks for sharing



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