Monday, October 3, 2011

There Are Other Activities

Walking back from the bus stop with Julia, she asked him, "So what do you want for lunch?
"Macaroni and Cheese!"
After Dennis was done with his bowl he asked for seconds!  One of his sibs gave him the whole pot!

For fun, I got out paint, brushes, and paper and let them paint their hearts out!
I was surprised to find the girls still painting, nearly two hours later.
Anastasia loves to paint flowers.  On a side note, I am thrilled that our frogs are still alive.  They are nearly double in size. 
Paul is happy to work with me after school.  Generally I have him do a little bit of everything.  This word building game is great!  He sees the word, reads the word, spells the word, and builds the word.
Keep up the great job Paul!


  1. I came and read and voted each day for you. That would be so wonderful if you won!

    I still read all the time but don't comment much. Time is limited for me right now.

    Blessings to you Christine.

  2. Oh Christine, I do hope you made #1...I voted everyday twice! At work and at home!

    As for your recent posts...I love hearing about your kids....: ) Sveta looks like such a charming young omwan..Julie too..youa re all so blessed...

  3. Hi Chris,
    wow what am i going to do now..... It became a habit watching the clock at home and work to see if my time was up to vote :) and of course your daily updates, such a loving family well done xxx

    Keep on blogging :)
    Robyn from Aussie

  4. Voting should be over BUT the site is still open to voting ... and the gap between you and "Baker's Dozen" is closing. I cannot vote now because my 24hrs has not elapsed ... but please tell your readers they might still be able to vote. You AND "Baker's Dozen" have been getting votes ... even just recently. 'Not sure what is going on?
    MariaG (Canada)

  5. Oops ... I did not read your post before commenting! (kind of like not reading the test question before answering!)
    MariaG (Canada)

  6. Congratulations :)
    8932 Votes
    That was a tough fight!

  7. Have been voting everyday, except when out of town, about to see if I can vote right now... I do not think it has been 24 hours.

    I am enjoying the profiles you are posting of each of the kids.


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