Monday, October 10, 2011

Taking One Day At A Time

It makes more sense now why John felt so bad this weekend.  When John went on a hike with the kids this weekend he not only got allergies that brought on asthma, but he also got poison oak. 
Not fun.
He says he is feeling better, but last time he got poison oak he ended up needing a cortisone shot three weeks later before he got well.
He insists he will be fine, but I have my doubts.
Please keep praying for him.
Thank you for the recipes that I have received so far.
Praise the Lord!
I am a bit overwhelmed at the moment so I will be sitting on them till the weekend.
Still, keep them coming because the cookbook is about 50 recipes short!
Other news:

I have formally requested to have Paul evaluated at school.

We are reading Kisses From Katie as a whole family--- so inspiring!

After months of going back and forth with our medical group, Alex finally has an appointment for his CVUG (Cystoscopy and Voiding Urethrogram ).  He also has an appointment for his MRI... in December.  Four months after the initial referral and numerous weekly phone calls to check up on the status of it, he'll finally get in.  I'll bite my tongue though and be thankful.


  1. ahh I feel his pain....I'm currently 2 weeks into my poison oak misery (apparently I also share his "wait till the last minute, see if it gets better on its own" reluctance to go to the doctor!)

    Praying for john (and myself) to feel better soon!

  2. I'd say go ahead and get the cortisone shot now. It took me three weeks before the itching wasn't a major nuisance. I went through a bottle of meds, and mine definitely was not as severe as his.

    Poor thing :(

  3. Ouch! And Itch! So sorry, John.

  4. Poor John! and let us know how you like the book! I have a child sponsored with Amazima..... Katie is AWESOME!

  5. Hi! John's poison oak must be better because he could rolling skate. What ever you did work. Have a nice day, Pat

  6. I am sorry to hear about the poison oak. I've used Pau d Arco lotion with good success. email me if you need to know where to find it. I'll say a prayer.


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