Monday, October 3, 2011

Shoot That Arrow!

Jonny's archery set is a hit with all the kids!
Who knew that Jonny's birthday present would also serve as the kids' new P.E. activity.
Grandma said that she used to take archery in highschool.
Sure the girls need a different bow to suit their size and strength but they still enjoy taking turns with Jonny using the one he has.
Aim that arrow straight Jonny!
This morning I informed Dennis that he was going to school.  I didn't want to spring it on him last minute exasperating him.
Dennis' reply?  "First I am going to have a picnic with Alex."
Just like that, each and every word articulated as if he has been around English all his life. :)
Kids thrive off of encouragement.
Whether they are easygoing or stretch you to your very limits, each and every kid wants to be encouraged.
That is why it is good to parent out of conflict.
Catch them doing something good and praise them.
You don't want your child to run on the sidewalk?
Next time you see them walking tell them, "Wow Sally.  Thank you for walking on the sidewalk.  How responsible and mature of you."
You better believe you will catch them off guard and make them feel all proud inside.
Who doesn't want to repeat that feeling?
You don't want your kids leaving their toys all over the floor?
Next time you see them putting away their toy so that little brother won't get it, tell them, "That is awesome that you are putting away your things.  Mommy puts her things away too.  You must be growing up."
Set them up for success.  Remind them before they have the chance to disobey.
If you are going over to a friend's house for a play date, talk on the drive over.
"Nathan, I know that you are growing up to be a big boy.  And you have the chance to be an example to your friends today.  Will you please show them how to play nicely by sharing and not yelling today?  Also, you can be really responsible by picking up the toys you play with and helping your friends to clean their room.  Their Mommy will invite you back over for sure!"

This will take practice on your part, but the rewards are worth it.  Invest in your child and fill them up with the encouragement that they so desire.  Bless them and you will be blessed in return.


  1. Hi!I hope you win the award because it is really important to you Good luck, Pat

  2. Thank you for the encouragement and reminder. I can not tell you how much I needed to hear that. I am struggling so much with Delaney right now and feel myself pulling away from her. I know I can't do that, so please pray for her and me. And thank you so much for these words of wisdom.

    I went over and checked on the numbers a few minutes ago and it looks like you won!!! Congratulations!! Thrilled for you.


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