Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pizza and Pumpkins

Last night was Friday Fun Family Night.  We made homemade pizza.  The dough was made the night before.
I even tried my hand at homemade pizza sauce which was delicious but spicy, so I had a can of sauce for those who preferred regular.
Making pizza here is so much easier.  Not only do we have the counter space, but we have double ovens that can cook up to four pizzas at a time.
Julia and Rachel got a last minute babysitting job, so they made their pizzas first.
Dennis said, "This is the bestest dinner ever!"
This morning we carved pumpkins.  Other than one of them being rotten-- it was a fun time for all!
I have learned over the years that less pumpkins is more.  No one gets overwhelmed doing all the work, and yet everyone has a great time working together.
Dennis and Alex were much more involved this year.
At first, Paul was not interested in the pumpkin festivities.  "That's yucky!" he exclaimed.
After a little while, he was loving it!
Don't look so serious girls.  It's only a pumpkin.
Anna and Anastasia enjoyed working together.
Andrew and Paul watched dad carve out a cross.
After the mess was cleaned up, we enjoyed toasted pumpkin seeds!


  1. I would SO hire Julia and Rachel as babysitters if we lived near you! We've only found one good sitter so far :(

    I'm planning to roast some pumpkin seeds in the next couple weeks, too. Never done it before, but it can't be too hard, right?

  2. I know you do not like to share many of your family recipes but would you be willing to tell how you made the pizza sauce and the dough.
    I wish so much I lived near you for I would come to your house and watch your kids make things that look so good afterwards. My favorite is the cinnamon rolls, they look so awesome.

    Every looks like they had having fun. Hope all is going as good as it looks.


  3. I too love pumpkins and pumpkin seeds! It is funny that you have pizza night in our family we have pizza night too. Our kids love making pizza. We also have popcorn movie night too. Do you do something like that?

  4. Thats what we did today! We carved our pumpkins, and toasted pumkin seeds. Then little man had a nap, Oksana and Daddy played games on Xbox and I uploaded and went through all sorts of pictures. LOL. I too would hire your girls to babysit too. :)

  5. wahh i never see large pumpkin like that because in malaysia the size are much smaller..huhu

  6. 'Looks like fun. Would you share your recipe/method of roasting pumpkin seeds? I've tried it before but they were not so yummy. We are going to get our pumpkins and carve tomorrow.
    MariaG (Canada)

  7. Your family does always seem to have so much fun! My kids are often too fractious with one another - especially Anastasia vs everyone else. But sending her away makes everyone upset, too. I just need a bunch more kids, then we could send one to her room and who would notice?

  8. Happy Halloween! Glad everyone is doing well.

  9. mmmm... that pizza was so good. carving the pumpkins was soo much fun i love all the insides.


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