Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Over the Wednesday Hump

I sat down with Paul a few nights ago.  I had put together little homework packets to work on with him.  I felt it was his level and was greatly discouraged when he ended up struggling with it all.  It was things that we have been going over and over just presented in a slightly different way.  As the evening wore on, I assumed that he would catch on.  It was extremely frustrating when he didn't that I just sent him to bed.  I put myself to bed too.  I think I cried on the inside at the challenges that lie ahead.  Even though the IEP process has begun, I know that Paul can't wait till then.  I have to meet him where he is--not where I think he should be.  I pulled together a whole new set of homework packets, one level lower than we had been working on.  This time, things went so much better.  Fabulous I might say.  It's focus is vocabulary building with beginning sounds.  The math part is a lot of simple math that is made challenging by its directions.  For example: Color four flowers in the top box.  He not only has to read this, but he has to comprehend it and do it.  It is not as easy as it sounds when the picture is a scene complete with butterflies and bees.  Then he has to be able to spell out the numbers on the next page.  Paul accomplished nearly ten pages of homework... and we both felt very proud at the end. 

He is also reading books at his level that teach a science concept.  It is so awesome when you can teach two subjects at the same time.  Today he learned the word melt.  Crayons melt, ice melts, candles melt, snow melts, and ice-cream melts.  After he read the whole book he was able to recall three things that melted.  I gave him a high five!  His smile lit up the room!

Dennis interrupted my typing so that I could help him write a letter to his teacher.

Dear Mrs. Tax,
I love you so much.  I hope you are better and that all your dreams come true.  I wish you can give me a hug.  Email me.
Love, Dennis

Tonight we had homemade black bean soup and bread with hard boiled eggs.  Paul had just finished his third bowl but still surprised me when he said he didn't want cake.  Afterall, he is our eating machine!  I told him that maybe he would want it later when his food had settled.
"What does it mean settle?"
Playing charades, I showed him that his food was in his chest right now but once his food was settled into his lower gut, he would have room for his cake.  He nodded in agreement.  About 1/2 hour later he came and asked me for cake.  :)

During basketball practice today, Caleb was head butted in the nose really hard.   As his nose gushed with blood, he was checked for a concussion at the on campus sports medicine clinic. He had misheard one of the questions so his answer of course didn't match.  "Yup, you have a concussion," they automatically assumed.  Caleb chuckled as he shared the story with us because he didn't have a concussion.  Once he explained why he had answered the way he did, they released him.  Still he has a swollen, bruised nose.

Alex is running a fever so he stayed home today.  He is feeling okay, but I wanted to keep him home just the same.  However, tomorrow he has his CVUG (Cystoscopy and Voiding Urethrogram) scheduled along with two x-rays-- and he is going.  When it takes two months to get an appointment and it may take another two months before the next one-- you take it.  And praise the Lord-- at the end of the month he will finally have his CMG (cystometrogram) test and MRI.  These tests were first scheduled for December but when I called to check for cancellations they got us in sooner!  Once these tests are complete, the specialists will be able to tell us if Alex is a good candidate for certain "quality of life" surgeries.  I am so hopeful!

Adam and Caleb took the PSATs today.

This weekend is Anastasia's birthday.  She will join Annalyn, Julia, and Anna as our 4th thirteen year old! 


  1. Hi! Paul will learn but at his own rate. Some children learn slower than others but all children are able to learn.Read up on John Holt. I love his educational ideas. SMILE you are doing a good job and continue to have fun with your homeschooling, Pat

  2. I'll be praying for you and Paul and the homework situation. Our daughter arrived home about 6 months ago from Russia and we're having the same problem. The difference is, she does wonderfully with languages and understands all the directions. She just can't do what they're asking her to do. She still speaks some Russian as we're working to maintain her Russian language skills, she's picked up English at an amazing rate and has the comprehension that is atypical for an adopted child only home for 6 months. She's also learning and understanding Spanish in school and talks to her two biological brothers who were adopted to Italy and is picking up some Italian phrases. The problems are with writing, letter recognition, math, etc. It's difficult seeing her struggle with such basic concepts and we're working to find work arounds. If she's asked to look at a square and then draw one beside it, same shape, same size.....she's not able to do it. So we cut up construction paper and had her pick out the cut out that matched the shape and size and then she traced it. It's hard when the schools don't want to hold them back and place them where they are actually at, versus where they are supposed to be based on their age.

  3. Such a great Mom! Thankful Caleb doesn't have a concussion. :o)

  4. Dennis' letter: So sweet!

    Paul's success: Way to go! That's great! Keep up the good work!

    Alex: Hope you feel better!

    Anastacia: Happy Bday and you are an awesome English reader.

    Christine: Thanks for answering my question about when Anastacia arrived. That was very helpful for me to assess my own daughter's reading progress.

    Cheryl in ID

  5. Since you didn't approve my last comment regarding sending kids too bed I am worried that you took it the wrong way. I in no way intended for it to be an insult to you or your parenting. It was an honest question and I apologize if I offended you in any way.

  6. Hi! The art work is beautiful . I used a art program from Christian Light Education.My children loved it.The art program has aided my daughter in her chemistry program at college.She knows how to draw diagrams for her chemistry labs. Keep drawing, Pat


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