Sunday, October 16, 2011

Keep Getting Well

I just love our family.

Yesterday Adam put on this shirt when he first got dressed.   Julia saw it as a chance to bug her big brother.  She put on the same shirt and got Sveta to do the same.
"Mom, I have a plan.  At dinner time I'll make it so that we all sit next to each other and then you can take a picture... okay?  Won't that be fun?"
 Poor Alex.
He has a urinary tract infection.  This is the reason for his fever.  I was surprised when I found this out since he is regularly taking a low dose antibiotic to avoid this very problem. 
But hopefully he will be on the up and up now.  He ended up getting an antibiotic shot to kick start the healing.
Though my little guy is not feeling completely well, there has been a blessing.
Many nights I have knelt by his bed after giving him medicine to bring down his fever and prayed for him.
It is amazing how your heart grows fonder for the person you pray for.
Taking care of Alex has brought the two of us closer too.
Dear Precious Jesus, I pray that my son continue to get well.
 Here is what it looks like at dinnertime.
Homemade coconut pecan pie-- yum!  One even had chocolate on top.
The social worker called.  She says that her report will be written and turned into the court by mid-December.  Finally we are getting to the end of Galina's adoption. :) 


  1. Sorry that A is unwell. I hope the new antibiotic helps. My own A is also struggling with a UTI at the moment; e.coli which is resistant to the preventative trimethoprim. Frustrating!

    Would A drink cranberry juice at all? Our urologist wants A to take some every day as it makes the walls of the bladder slippery and so makes it harder for bacteria to sit there and grow.


  2. Is Alex taking cranberry capsules as well|? They are very helpful for preventing UTIs

  3. Mmm, the pies look delicious.. praying for Alex and all of you

  4. D-mannose is a wonderful supplement to prevent UTI. Works great!



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