Saturday, October 1, 2011

It's Saturday!

Grandma and Grandpa are visiting for the weekend... again.  It is a treat that all the kids especially enjoy!
A lot of people like to play poker-- so last night a family game was started.
It didn't take long for a certain someone to be in the lead.
(Don't mind Jonny-- even he doesn't remember what he was doing!)
We all agreed that Saturday breakfasts should be special. 
Normally they eat cold cereal all week-- so anything different is a treat!
This is a tradition that I want to instill in the kids.
This morning we had sweet rolls and homemade granola parfaits.
As I cooked up the sugar and butter, I realized that I had only instant oats.
As Julia stirred them in, it looked like we were making oatmeal rather than granola.
Oh well.  I spread the mixture on a cookie sheet and baked it anyway.
It spread to make one giant granola bar which I chopped up when it cooled.
It was delicious!
To make the parfaits we put a scoop of tart vanilla yogurt on the bottom followed by a scoop of granola and then topped with thickened homemade strawberry compote.
It was awesome although the little boys didn't like how crunchy the granola was or how tart the yogurt was.
But what do they know? 
Most of the kids loved it!
I am amazed how beautiful food can look at times!
This ties into what the kids learned yesterday how all our senses help us to taste food.  Seeing how good it looks helps it to taste even better.

Today we are celebrating a birthday!
I normally don't buy decorations like colored frosting, but these two colors were on sale for half price.
Galina and Julia learned that by writing the words in the frosting with a toothpick first helps ensure that the words will all be spaced right.
As a fun thing to do with the girls (and boys) I am looking into cake decorating classes at our local craft store.
Even Jonny helped decorate his cake.
Doesn't he look older today?
John brought home two bales of hay today.  He has Jonny convinced that a horse is coming.
What else would the hay be for except to feed the horse-- because we all know that one horse will eat two bales of hay in one afternoon!
Or maybe....

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  1. Hi The birthday cake is so cute. I buy my birthday cakes for my children. I let the child pick out the birthday cake they want from the bakery .It does get expensive but is great time for one on one activitiy with the child having the birthday.Pat


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