Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Anna can be so goofy.  Here she twisted up her hair so much that it left a big squiggly lock hanging down the side of her face.  I told her that she can start a new fashion.
Much to Sveta's dismay, Rachel and I are listening to Anne of Green Gables every Tuesday on the drive to meet with their teachers.  We are enjoying is so much! 
"I imagine we are on a long trip on a luxurious train car headed up to the exquisite Prince Edward Island where we shall surely experience a unique enchantment upon reaching the Lake of Shining Waters."
It is quite lovely to think about.
Denis informed me that today is his baby's birthday.  He is three.  Dennis has his presents and everything. 
I must go and join the party.



  1. Happy Birthday to Baby Buzz! That's a party Isabel would love to attend!

  2. Anna's hair is cute. Our girls would like it too. Very trendy!
    Hope the baby loved his party!

  3. I would love to listen to Anne of Green Gables too! I was able to visit Prince Edward Island and the Anne home when my family took a driving trip across Canada, I was 14. It is just a beautiful in person as it is in your imagination! Maybe one day you'll all have a chance to visit also. :)
    I love Annas hair and do something like it on Oksana but I elastic it back on both sides and it looks like a twisted crown. :)
    Happy birthday buzz! Hope it was a great party!

  4. I notice your girls are interesting in cake decorating.
    I taught myself out of the Wilton books. After I got good at it I have made several wedding cakes over the years and they are so much better then any bought cake.

    A good how to book you can get on Amazon for about $4 is:

    Jeff Shankman: Decorating cakes: A reference & idea book (The Wilton school) [Paperback]

    Our local craft stores sell Wilton tips and bags. Just make up the icing and practice on a cookie sheet. I make the icing half butter and half crisco with flavoring added. That type icing will easily hold shapes for roses and decorations in general.

    You can also look on utube and see how its done.

  5. Hi! It is so cute that Dennis is able to share something with his baby -a birthday. He has empathy and caring. He has learned from you that birthday's and celebrations with a loving family are important in a child's development.Pat

  6. Love the hair Anna how did you do it i love it hope you can teach me it.


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