Sunday, October 9, 2011

Finished 2010 Book

I've been busy working on our 2010 Smiles and Trials book.  That is why I haven't been blogging as much. But Annalyn has been such an encouragement.  Finally I finished last night. :)  If you have a blog that you want to turn into a book, I would definitely suggest Blurb.  Right now you can get 25 % off your order if you type in FLASH.

On another note, John is sick.  He has had a very bad case of asthma since yesterday.  Knock you off your feet bad.  If you could please pray.


  1. Wow--how cool! I had never heard of anything like this until I found your blog. I may have to take a closer look at it. I read your blog over and over like a book, it would be nice to have it in book form to read on the couch instead of on the computer.

  2. I've read several of those posts before as I go through your old blog posts a lot, but several of these are new, I've been reading and will finish another time.

  3. I hope John feels better. My husband has Asthma and he seems to get sick super easy. One day just fine, the next has a horrible case of bronchitis--none of the inbetween stuff.

  4. Great Book! I am still working on 2006! LOL... Question though.. do you "Slurp" your blog or do you add everything on your own. I've been adding on my own as I am not current to when I started my blog, but I am curious how well the Slurp feature works.

  5. Hi! Asthma is nothing to mess with it can be very dangerous. Men do not like to the doctor. Take him to the doctor.Praying is helpful. Good luck, Pat


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