Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Dizio of a Day

Now that it is over, I feel it is safe to share.  I didn't want to stress myself out by talking about it before hand.  A while back I had been invited to speak at a Mom's group.  For the longest time it sat on the back burner and then all of a sudden it was time!  It had been nearly a year and a half since my last speaking engagement-- so I was nervous!
But God is awesome! Julia, Galina, and Annalyn opened with "What Faith Can Do", and then I followed.
I must say that these women are absolutely amazing!  They not only were easy and very fun to be with, but they made sharing such a special experience.  It is a wonderful feeling to leave a place knowing that you've made some new friends.  Thanks girls!
Oh, and the food was awesome too!  Thanks for loading us up!
This is the photo of our Moms' Night Out. Going clockwise, starting after me is Melissa, Pam, and then Erika with a K. :)
I have to say-- we had a blast!  Melissa adopted three older girls from Ukraine after hosting the youngest for a total of six kids.  Pam has three teens-- two adopted as newborns and one adopted from Ukraine after hosting him. Pam and Melissa not only hosted at the same time, but they met up in Ukraine too.
Erika lives pretty close to me, so I think we will be seeing more of each other-- I hope.  She has three little ones adopted privately and through foster care.
Our family dynamics are all very different, but we do have adoption in common-- and we are all Moms!
Our hope is to get together again in a month or two-- please consider joining us.
P.S.  Erika, did you get my email response?
Last night Dennis and Alex were being so goofy. They went around holding hands and a crutch.  It was cute!
After speaking this morning, I took Alex to have an MRI.  From prior experience we knew that he had to be sedated.  This time that little turkey needed three different medicines before he went to sleep.  Ever since, he has been like a floppy newborn, silly zombie.
Tomorrow he goes for his CMG (Cystometrogram)-- and then his testing will be over!
Did I mention that Alex does not have scoliosis?  ~~smiling
Caleb is doing great.  He has been staying after school for basketball practice.  Tomorrow are tryouts.
A week or two ago he was hit in the nose pretty hard.  Now that it is healing, it appears crooked and the tip is numb.  He was going to ignore it, but I think we should have it checked out.  I researched broken noses online and it said that broken noses usually are not fixed until the swelling goes down anyway.
At least that is how I remember it when I had my nose broken.  It was fixed a week or two later.
Anyway, I finally convinced him to go in and have it checked out when he comes home today telling me he was hit in the nose again during practice.  Ugh!
What to do... what to do.
Paul is doing Spelling Workout A at home with me after school.  After a few lessons, he is beginning to read and follow the directions by himself.  It has been a huge confidence booster for him!
He is also working on simple addition and subtraction facts-- gaining speed everyday.  I continue to introduce multiplication and division and other key math concepts.
This is working well for him.  As his Mom, I am thankful that we found something that is challenging, but not overwhelming to him.  It's all good.
Lastly, I can't rave enough about the game Dizios.  Not only is it a great puzzle activity that challenges your brain, but when you keep score it reinforces basic addition.  It is addictive in the sense that you can't play just once!  Anyone up for a game?


  1. You moms look like you were having a great time! We do Spelling Workout, too and really like it. The boys are doing better at spelling than they were with our other curriculum.

  2. This is the best way to say, "You met Dmitriy?? What is he like? All i kno is what is on rr. Please email me or something. Tink. Oh, and I am interested in the trip still, i had the answer on my blog, as a comment on that post about it. Thanks, Tink (again)

  3. Poor Alex, at least Julia could play baby with him

  4. I just realized Caleb and Julia look so VERY much alike. Also, Alex and Dennis are adorable, I am glad they seem to have a great bond:)

  5. Hi I am glad you got out with other moms. Sometimes moms need a night out to regroup and have some me time. Pat

  6. My youngest foster son just had to be sedated for an MRI and it was so scary for me! He was the floppiest little fish, and then SO angry/agitated as he woke up. Poor little guy. He did take a nice looong nap when he came home, though! Your kids are adorable.

  7. We were so happy to have you speak for us. I have been so blessed and inspired by your courage, humility, and faith. I've already shared some of your message with friends who aren't a part of that group. You also put my mind at ease somewhat. I'm expecting my second. :)
    Would love to have another morning about homeschooling...

  8. Christine--

    I've been enjoying your blog so much. I can definitely relate as I'm a homeschool mother of three, one bio child age 15, one aged 13 adopted when 8, and one aged 4 adopted when 1. It's hard with such a large age difference and my 13 yr old girl, especially, has several 'issues' we are working hard on.

    I'm wondering if you could give me recommendations for books-- good books for girls ages, say, 12-16? I have trouble finding reading material for my two girls. When I do find something that looks good, Crystal (13 yr old) instantly rejects it, deciding it's no good because it's something I picked out.

    Thank you so much.. your family is beautiful.

  9. Love the pic of Dennis & Alex!


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