Friday, October 14, 2011

The Birthday Girl

This morning Adam and Julia had the fun task of putting together Anastasia's birthday present.
After lunch, we all went rollerskating.
Anastasia was so excited to be skating-- now that she actually knows how!
This roller skate rink was recommended by our homeschool teacher and she was right-- it was awesome!
Galina with Daddy!
It was so fun to watch Anastasia skate.  She was so confident!
Even Paul learned to skate since our last trip to the rink.
I loved seeing how happy he was.
Anastasia requested strawberry cupcakes.
Isn't she glowing?
I explained to her that even though she has only been our daughter for one year, we have now known her for three years-- when she was 11, then 12, and now 13!
She smiled big!
Anastasia's big present was a Barbie dollhouse.
She was so excited when she saw it!
Up until she became our daughter, she did not have the opportunity to roll play with dolls.
Now she can play to her heart's content.
Anastasia wanted her ears pierced most of all.  That was her other gift.
She was so brave. 
Paul watched closely.
When I was done Paul saw how happy Anastasia was.
"You buy these for Anastasia for her birthday?" he asked.
"Yes," I answered.
"My sister's so happy," he said. "I love you so much Mom."
Without any other words, I could tell that he was deeply moved to see his sister with such a big smile on her face.
Anastasia and Sveta are very close.  Sveta thought it was appropriate that I take this picture of the two of them since now they both have the same earrings.
Happy birthday Anastasia!  You have blessed us beyond words.


  1. Christine, I never say things like "You look alike", but YOU and Anastasia LOOK ALIKE! LOL
    Her face opening her Barbie house was priceless. :)
    Precious girl!

  2. She looks beautiful! I love that photo when she sees the dollhouse! That story about Paul melts my heart... what a sweet brother she has.

  3. Happy Birthday!!!I love you

  4. Anistasia what a wonderful birthday! I hope you had an amazing time! I love your smile and remember reading when you first came home and your smile was nowhere to be found. Now look at you! Beautiful, confident, loved, blessed. Your family is blessed also to have you. :) Happy Birthday!

  5. She looks really happy and is a really pretty girl.

    I know she was not able to play with dolls much in the orphanage but I was wondering do your other girls her age still play with barbies and stuff like that? I know girls at 13 use to but I thought now days they thought they were too old to do things like that. Maybe I am the one who was wrong. Hope so!


  6. It's wonderful to see those kids glowing with happiness! Btw, do Anastasia and Paul still speak Russian?

  7. Paul's reaction to Anastasia's happiness is just so sweet!

  8. Happy birthday to a beautiful girl. Anastascia and Paul are so adorable.. I think Paul is very handsome..

  9. Happy Birthday, Anastasia! You are a beautiful, sweet girl. Your family is so blessed to have found you and Paul. :)

  10. Happy birthday, Anastasia! What great photos and how much she's changed in a year. Her face was so sad and worn when she came to live with you guys and now . . . pure joy.

    Paul is so sweet, too! I love that his sister's happiness means so much to him. And that he's able to express it!

  11. Happy Birthday Anastasia! To see such joy is so wonderful expecially after just putting my two year old russian diva to bed after she screamed at the other 4 of us all day! Whew! She has turned our household on it's ear and my two boys are non too pleased with her behavior.To see Anastasia so just makes me remember this is why I do this! To see your child look like Anastastia does! I also think Galina looks very different and very happy too....I see a huge change in her. Do you agree?

  12. Susie, yes you are wrong. Anastastia had no chance to play with toys or have imaginitive play in the orphanage. Just imagine the day to day stress these kids are under while living there. The kids need to learn to play and go through the stages of play for proper development...granted she will most likely move through them much quicker. This is completely normal for a child that has been institutionalized. I also don't think 13 is so old personally. Happy Birthday again Anastasia!

  13. Happy Birthday Anatasia!! Yes, she IS glowing!!!

    And I loved the Paul sweet!

  14. Happy birthday Anastasia! She is glowing and looks so happy! I love the picture of her seeing her dollhouse :).

  15. Hi! I love the doll house you got for your daughter .It is a very good quality doll house. She can play with it and then pass it down to other children in your family or save it and give it to her daughter when she gets older. I think the doll house could be a kept sake piece. Pat


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