Wednesday, October 19, 2011

All Better!

It finally came!  The 2010 blog book I made using Blurb just came in the mail.
Thanks Kristin!  You inspired us to make some Zwiebach.  They turned out delicious-- just like I remember them.
Jonny just hanging out in the kitchen.
Andrew showing Anastasia a cool homemade notebook he just put together.
Here are the Zwiebach going into the oven.
We all enjoyed one lathered with butter and jam after dinner.
If Kristin doesn't mind, I will be adding her delicious recipe to the cookbook I have started.
I will also be including all of our family favorites.
Please let me know your favorite recipe or two so that I can add them to the book too.
The last two mornings, Alex slept in till after nine o'clock. He had been waking up numerous times throughout the night for many nights so his body needed to play catch up.  His fever finally broke and he went back to school today.

I have to share a funny story with you. The car that Adam drives wouldn't start so we had it towed to the nearest shop to be fixed. When the driver came to pick up the car, we all stood outside to watch. Dennis is in love with "his Maxima" and watched intently as it was hoisted onto the flatbed truck. The cruel and mean Mama that I am began to fake cry as the truck drove off with Dennis' beloved Maxima. Dennis angrily yelled to the driver who was long down the hill, "You ruined my life!" and began to cry with me.  It was cute and funny all rolled up into one.  I quickly chimed in with the girls, "Don't worry Dennis.  The Maxima is broken and the man is taking it to get fixed.  It will be back later today.  I promise."  To further explain we compared the car going to the shop as if it was sick and needed to go to the doctor so that it could be made well.  Alex was all over this.  "Yea Dennis.  The Maxima go doctor like me.  I get shot my bottom. Doctor me all better now.  The car go doctor get shot in bottom like me. It be all better."
Dennis seemed very satisfied with this answer and that was that.


  1. LOL!!!! Too cute!!!! "You ruined my life" - that is priceless!

    Can't wait to see all the recipes!!!

  2. Hi Dennis is so cute. He is so precious. With my daughter driving it is so much easier. She can drive herself to college and her ice skating volunteeringetc. Because she is a good student we got her a discount on the car insurance.Pat

  3. Your zwiebach look wonderful and I don't mind at all if you put my recipe in your cookbook. I'd be honored.

  4. ROFL! Dennis is way too cute! Sounds like Landon yelling after the big bad bus to bring his Oksana back. :) I love your blurb book and have now started making my own with our blog. :)

  5. "10 min TUNA MIX" - we make it, when we are very hungry and don't want to cook.
    All You need is probably in Your fridge:
    1 can of tuna in oil
    1 can of sweet corn
    1 can of green peas
    1 can of kidney beans
    little noodles (i prefer little stars or sth)

    You boil the pasta (just a handful). Meantime You add to the bowl corn, peas, (without the water from the can) 1/2 can of beans (also without the water), tuna without oil from the can.
    Wait 5 min till the pasta gets cold. Add it.
    I'm adding 2 table spoons of mayonnaise, salt and pepper. I prefer to add a lot of salt.

    Best when You are mega hungry :)

  6. Hmm, I need to try that zwiebach recipe. Not sure what I thought it was, but that's not what I had in mind!

    Dennis is adorable, as is Alex. I just love what little kids come up with. :D

  7. Love the story about Maxima. I love how they get so attached to things.
    When my daughter was small, my best friend had an identical car to me, down to the colour. One day we were seeing her off after visiting us when Brenda started screaming: "Aunty Audrey is stealing our car!" She was devastated, I had to open the garage and show her the car was still there.


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