Saturday, October 1, 2011

All About Rachel

Rachel is our oldest daughter.
This Christmas she will celebrate her 16th birthday.
She had been asking me for a haircut for weeks if not months-- so I surprised her and told her tonight.

She was so excited and ready for a change.
We decided to go short to make sure all of the summer dead ends were gone.
Afterwards, I blow dried and styled it for her too-- since she is usually always the one pampering me with foot massages.
Wow!  A completely new look-- and so mature too!
Rachel is fun and loving.
She is trustworthy, caring, and yet very strong.
She eats with a miniature threek.
Rachel loves Honey Bunches of  Oats, sweet milk on waffles, and sandwiches with lots of pickles, tomatoes, and red onions.
She really doesn't like to eat meat-- unless it's bacon.
Then she will eat a whole package fried up if I let her.
Rachel still loves to crunch ice much to my dismay.
She enjoys watching movies, roller skating, and emailing to friends and family.
I can always rely on her to make the little boys' lunches,
and to get the mail.  Probably to see if something came for her. :)
Rachel is responsible and dependable.
Rachel is one amazing young woman!

Tonight we watched The Ron Clark Story together.
Of course, we cried together too.
It is an awesome movie!


  1. Wow you are actually very good at cutting hair! If I could do that I would save on paying to get Oksana's done every few months.

    I have been voting as often as I get on the computer :)

  2. Every time I see Rachel I can't get over how stunningly beautiful she is! Love the hair!!

  3. She is absolutely gorgeous ! Does she wear ant makeup ?
    She doesn't need it:)
    Do you Alliow the girls to wear makeup ? I had to wait until
    I was 16!

  4. That is such a great looking hair cut. I love it, and she is beautiful!

  5. Wow, you guys are doing a good job at parenting. Rachel seem to be turning into a fine young lady, she seem so humble.

    I always wonder about adopting 5 middle school girl and raising them to be confident fine young lady, with good moral character. Wonder how hard is that going to be.


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