Sunday, October 2, 2011

All About Julia

Julia is one amazing, young lady.
When she puts her mind to do something she tries till she gets it.
Julia is passionate about learning, playing the piano, and cooking.
When she was just eight or nine years old, she was ready to give up playing the piano forever.
But... after a talk with Dad, she decided to put her heart and soul into it.
Now she does extra things around the house to earn money to buy music online and teaches herself how to play it.  She often gathers a crowd of siblings (and Dad) around her keyboard who like to sing along with her.  It is special indeed.
Julia has a heart for helping the less fortunate.
She is hardworking, rarely complains, and has a servant's heart.
Her future looks so bright that I can't wait to see
what God has in store for her.
Though she tried very hard this summer to like tomatoes, she still thinks they are poison.
She dreads the dentist, picks off her blisters when she does
pull-ups (she can do 7 now), and makes the best apple
crumb cobbler in town!
She enjoys reading, trampolining, and learning new things in the kitchen.
She values education, wants to have a houseful of kids, and recently
told me--"Mom, you know what?  My plan is to grow my hair really long so that my sisters can each practice trimming it.  It needs to be long in case they cut my hair crooked and it needs
 to be evened out.   They need the practice for when they grow up and have kids.  It will save them
lots of money if they can cut hair themselves."
That's Julia!  Always thinking of her sibs. :)

Here is a recent video of Julia playing the piano and singing.  Galina and Anastasia are with her.


  1. I've always admired Julia. Even from afar, her heart is visible. The video was precious.

  2. Beautiful post!

    Would love to see videos of all your kids, especially Paul and Anastasia. I'm a sucker for an accent :) Would love to hear how their english is coming along.

  3. Thank you for sharing this - she is a special young lady.

  4. She's beautiful inside and out!! does she have an email where I can contact her?


  5. They really sound good together.

    Julia is a beautiful girl inside and out. You can tell she has a heart of gold and loves to help others in need.
    You guys need to consider getting her a real piano. I am betting that if she had a real piano that sounds really good, that she would really love to play, and it would sound beautiful. She really is good and needs a piano Mom and Dad. BTW, Christmas is not far away. I know they cost a lot but something to make you think about anyway.


  6. Beautiful video ... great playing and so precious. I love Galina's smile at the end :-)
    MariaG (Canada)

  7. LOved teh video and your comments about Julia....You are so lucky and she is so lucky....: )

    Btw, voted again and I see you are in 1st place!! YAY!

  8. Hi! When Julia gets older she may go into missionary work. She has a kind soul and heart. Pat


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