Wednesday, October 5, 2011

All About Annalyn

Annalyn is creative... expressive... an artist.
She is so bubbly that it often takes her imagination soaring into the great big sky
As I listen to Anne of Green Gables, I am reminded of Annalyn.
She loves to read.
She loves to eat.
She loves to dance, act, and sing.
Annalyn is a writer too. She has a book of poems.

Here are a few.

My Life Like Yours
The life you have, I want to follow.
The words you speak, I want to swallow.
I walk your footsteps, and your land.
My life is safe now, in your hand.
You heal my wounds, and my sores.
I want to be you, my life like yours.
My Big, Big Family
Our family is really big, my parents love to adopt.
We come in a happy herd, of us there is a lot.
It makes it really fun, for we are never ever bored.
Nobody is left out, nobody ignored.
We help each other, or we may fight.
But my big, big family, for me is just right!
Annalyn always shares her feelings.
She makes me laugh, she makes me smile.
She has overcome much in her life.
Annalyn loves to be social.
Her favorite movie is "The Princess Bride."
She is in love with Prince Humperdinck because of his acting.
She is truly sad to know that he is now an old man.
He is her inspiration for acting.
She is looking over my shoulder chuckling as I type this.
Annalyn is a diamond in the rough being polished a little each day.
She is a sparkle in my eye and always will be.


  1. Her poetry is great! Nice job, Annalyn!

  2. Annalyn, your poetry is awesome! Keep writing!

  3. Hi Christine
    What a precious girl your Annalyn is ~ I love her poetry & it's wonderful that she is so happy there with you guys ~ you're doing a great job!!
    Enjoy your precious blessing
    Have fun

  4. All your children have so much potential. It's good to see them developing it.

  5. Annalyn's poetry is wonderful! I LOVE to write stories, but for some reason, I've never been able to write any good poems. So I really admire her for that. :-)

  6. Annalyn has a real gift for poetry wow! She is beautiful as well. I know her journey has not always been easy, but I really think God has huge plans for her.

  7. Love your poems, Anna Lynn!

  8. Love your poems, Anna Lynn!

  9. Annalyn's poem "My Big Family" is just wonderful! She is a gifted and perceptive writer.

    "The Princess Bride" was filmed at Haddon Hall, in the Peak District of England - check out the website for Haddon Hall for lots of photos of both the Hall and the beautiful gardens, plus the romantic, true story of Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall and her elopement! I loved visiting Haddon almost 18 years ago and wish I could have stayed there longer...

    Susan in Ky
    Cousin to 2 from U.


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