Wednesday, October 5, 2011

All About Anastasia

Oh where do I begin?
 Everybody loves Anastasia.
(Especially William)
There is just something so sweet natured, gentle, innocent, and naive about her.
She is completely harmless.
Anastasia loves animals.
It's almost as if she knows what they are feeling.
Anastasia is very helpful around the house.
She enjoys being in the kitchen too.
She is feminine and delicate but she can eat like a horse.
(but then so can Paul.)
Her smiles is always there on her face-- like a flower in full bloom. 
Anastasia loves to draw and color.
She enjoys music.
Her favorite movie is Enchanted.
Personally I think she could have played Giselle.
Anastasia and Adam are great pals.
He loves how she helps him feed Bobble our bearded dragon.
Anastasia is doing great in school!
Just listen to her read in the video below.


  1. I am loving your features on each of your precious children. I have been particularly struck by how much they have grown by having such a great Mom. I think you do a remarkable job, under God's guidance. Your girls in particular are growing up into fine young women of God and picking up such beautiful qualities from their Mom. Keep walking sister!

  2. Christine, I love all these posts you are doing about your children. It really shows how neat they all are! Anastasia's English I think is doing well. :)

  3. I love her accent, so cute! I know I could never be reading Russian as well as she is doing in English in the short amount of time she has had. Way to go, Anastasia!

  4. What a precious daughter she is! I'm loving this series you are doing on your daughters ~ each such a blessing!
    Well read!!

  5. Thanks so much for sharing! She has the sweetest smile. I'm very impressed with her reading, too!

  6. She sounds so cute. I'm glad she's blossoming.

  7. I love Anastasia's accent! Great reader! May I ask how long she's been in the US? My Russian-born daughter is almost 12, and has been here 3 yrs this Monday. I have no one to compare her progress to in our community. I think she's doing well but its hard to tell. Just curious!

    PS. Did you win?

    Cheryl in ID

  8. Love her accent! She is precious!!

  9. Every time you write about Anastasia I smile. She sounds like the sweetest little thing. How lucky you are to have her in your family!!! :-)

  10. Hi! Your daughter is so precious. Pat

  11. Just my opinion, but I do happen to be a teacher (taught 2nd and 4th grades in the past~ teaching kindergarten now). She's doing an awesome job! I love the accent! :)

  12. Just found this - what a great job Anastasia is doing! She's going to be a rapid reader eventually - her pace picks up as she goes through the story: well-done! I sent loads of "I Can Read" books to my young cousins when they were newly home five years ago, then gradually increased the reading levels of the books I sent as time passed, and it worked: both read on grade level now and love books. I predict Anastasia will as well!

    Good work, Anastasia! Keep it up!

    Susan in Ky
    Retired children's librarian and
    Cousin to 2 from U.


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