Monday, October 17, 2011

Alex is still running a fever. :(

Dennis is student of the week.

The boys have been extra rambunctious the past few days.

Annalyn is beginning Aleks Math online.

The girls taught me an Impromptu acting game.  All you do is go around in a circle carrying on a dramatic conversation where the first word you say begins with whatever letter you are on in the alphabet.  If Julia starts she begins her sentence with an A.  Then I respond to whatever she says as long as the first word I say begins with a B.  It is actually pretty fun.

I am looking forward to this Saturday night when me and four other women will get together for fun, food, and fellowship.  It's not to late to join. :)


  1. Christine,

    It makes me happy to see how John interacts with your family. Not all daddies do that. Your children are blessed to have a dad that loves them and wants to spend time with them. He genuinely looks happy to be with you all.

  2. Poor Alex....UTI´s can be hard to whip...


  3. Wish I was closer, so I could join you on Saturday night!

  4. I wonder if you could give me any advice to pass on to a friend. She & her husband have no children, but just took in 2 orphan teenage boys. They (my friends) are missionaries in Central America. The boys have a tutor but don't go to school. My friends' challenges right now are keeping the boys occupied all day, plus the foster parents' loss of privacy and alone time. What could I tell them?

  5. Hi! Your family does a lot of fun activities together that do not actually require a lot of money-just spending times with loved ones which will be so important as your children get older. Blessings, Pat


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