Monday, September 26, 2011

Summing Up Her Journal

Julia, my daughter wrote in her journal everyday while she was in Ukraine.  She enjoyed her trip very much.  I asked if she would be a guest blogger and summarize what she wrote.  Here it is.
My trip to Ukraine was amazing and unforgettable!!! So many things caught my eye and made me just think “Woah.” During worship time, the kids were so inspiring the way they put their hands up while they sung their hearts out. I really loved how thankful every child was when then received their ziploc bag that I passed out to them. It made me feel very selfish in how I take many things for granted.

One of my favorite things was going to Sudak Beach. The water was so warm and inviting that I just wanted to stay in it forever. One thing that creeped me out though was the jellyfish that just floated along the top of the water. After Sasha picked one up and showed me how they didn't sting, I was ok. I didn't like how the girls there were very revealing in the way they dressed, but overall going to Sudak was my favorite part!

ROJ is a beautiful place. Exploring the area around it was awesome. All the different bugs at ROJ were very interesting, from horned beetles, green caterpillars, and definitely mosquitoes. I remember getting bit at least 8 times. Every time I scratched a bite, Sasha would tell me how it was bad for me and how I shouldn't, so I would stop; until he wasn't looking. :) From the top of the cliff, the view down was just breathtaking. I will never forget that view that God made just beautifully.

The little shop, about a mile from ROJ, is small, but has the best ice cream ever. All Ukrainian ice cream is just the bomb! The walk to the shop is very scenic so it doesn't seem long. Walking to it reminded me of the Little House books and how the stores there weren't close either and how they walked to them too.

We ate many different foods there prepared either by David or Marina. I thought it was cool how we had stuff we'd normally have for dinner, for breakfast. Sometimes, I would help or just watch them cook in the kitchen. Watching Marina make homemade bread was so cool. It made me think of how everyone made bread from scratch a long time ago. I absolutely loved the homemade french fries that David made too. My favorite meal though was cooked by Marina and it included the best fried fish ever, mashed potatoes, salad, and bread.

Going to Simferopol was a lot of fun, to me. We went a couple times, and to get there, we rode on like 2 different buses. Yeah, they kind a smelled, but it was a lot of fun standing on them while drving. That was the fun part. The city was really big. We would go to it to run certain errands. It was just fun.

I loved how everything there was so simple. I didn't have anything to distract me like I do at home such as computers or tvs. Spending time with the kids there was amazing. It was a lot of fun. I can't remember a day when there was nothing to do or help out with. I really just loved being in that kind of surrounding. If I could go back for another trip, or possibly move there, I would be all for it. :)
Leaving to go home was really hard for me. After being there for just a few days, it really felt like home. I didn't wanna leave, but knew I had to. I feel like this trip has made me be more thankful for the things I do have. It also has helped me be less afraid of bugs, but most of all, I feel like I've drawn closer to God in ways I can't describe.


  1. Julia, thank you for sharing about your trip! What a blessing it was for you and your Mom to go together!

  2. Oh wow! Sounds like an amazing experience!

  3. Beautifully put, Julia! Thanks for sharing. Maybe you could share again soon. I hope my teen daughters will get an opportunity to go on a missions trip one day.
    Mrs. Yeatts

  4. Julia, that trip will be in your heart forever. :) Glad you went and had a life changing time.

  5. Julia, loved reading about your experience in the Ukraine your past trip! :-)


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