Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sometimes You Fall... Hard

Adam went to the dentist yesterday.  While he was getting a few cavities filled, I waited and read magazines.  After a while, I got up to check on him and use the restroom.  On my walk back to the waiting room I noticed a magazine rack in one of the empty rooms and walked over to get one. 

I immediately slipped.  And fell.  Hard.  The big crash had one of the gals come running apologetically.
"I am so sorry.  Are you okay?  I just mopped the floor."

Honestly I was humiliated.  I got up and was more apologetic for going in to grab the magazine.  The pain throbbed at my knee and opposite ankle, but I wouldn't let her know.

After dinner I went to visit my longtime friend of fourteen years.  We caught up in each other's lives over coffee and that delicious Strawberry Cream Pie I was telling you about.   It almost felt as if my knee didn't hurt.  Julia visited with her daughter.  It was very nice.

Once home, I tried to get comfortable but my body ached.  I feel old.  Aren't only old people supposed to fall?  I dreamt horrible dreams and woke up to a throbbing knee.

Did I mention I feel old?

On another note, the scale has tipped in my favor for the first time in months.  About 2 pounds.  I am somewhat managing that pain through my diet.  Still, I am requesting all my records to be transferred so that I can see a new gastroenterologist.  
I don't write often about Anastasia.  Maybe because she is so tender and quiet and sensitive.  I have had to pay close attention to really get to know her, and it has been a blessing.
We actually don't have lots of deep conversation-- but with her a lot of words are not needed.
She speaks through acts of service and physical touch-- her love languages.
I have to remember that.
Yesterday I was doing math with her. She seemed sad and at one point began to cry.  Was she frustrated with her schoolwork?  Did she not want to be here?  Was she upset at something I had done?
Again the verbal communication was nearly non-existent and so all I could think to do was reach out and rub her back and tilt my head into hers as we worked on math together.
Without words, her tears stopped and I knew she would be okay.


  1. I'm leaving on Friday morning for my grandparents' and won't be back until Monday, but I will definitely vote every day until then. I see the race is really close!!

    Anastasia is beautiful!

    ~Joy Caroline [not logged in to Blogspot]

  2. I fell like that recently, and I know what you mean. It was humiliating, it hurt a LOT, it was a total surprise, and did I mention how much it hurt? I slipped on some wet leaves and fell on my backside, right there on the sidewalk. I caught myself with my hand, bent it backward, broke a little bone in my wrist, and burst into tears!
    And I felt old too, just like you described, though neither of us is actually old (seems like we're about the same age). I've struggled with weight gain recently too and I do think it played into the fall I had, or more that it played into how much it hurt, and the injuries I didn't notice until later. I did manage to lose some weight after that, by keeping a food diary, making sure to get 30 minutes of gentle exercise a day (get your self breathing a little hard but not too hard) by walking. You could totally do this on your trampoline! and it could be a phys ed thing for your homeschoolers. Just a suggestion. What matters is: this is a wakeup call: it's not goign to get any better as the years go on, and you do have time to get more fit before you really ARE old! your kids depend on you being healthy! YOU depend on it too! Go fight win Christine! better fitness can be done with patience and persistence. :)

  3. in order to assure you that people of all ages can fall & look like fools, allow me to share. ;-)

    picture this: i'm 14 and my Mom has picked me up from my ice skating training session. i was a gymnast until my body gave out, so i've taken up skating as a hobby. i manage to stay up on my skates all session, not a fall to be had.

    as we drive home, it starts pouring. we realize it'll be awhile til we get through all the traffic, so we pull into the mcdonald's parking lot - i forgot my water bottle & am needing a drink desperately.

    because it's pouring, nobody wants to walk in so the drive-thru line is wrapped around the building. we brave the rain & run in.

    as i walk in, i say, "hey Mom, the floor is wet, be careful."

    no sooner had i said that then i was on the floor.

    to this day i don't remember falling - one moment i was walking, the next i was sitting on my rear!

    embarrassed, i hopped up quickly & brushed it off - i managed to do jumps on ice while wearing blades on my feet, yet i can't walk into mcdonalds!

    anyway, we walk to the register & order two drinks. as my Mom pays, i take my cup to the fountain to fill it. i start having trouble seeing. not having hit my head, this doesn't make sense, so i try to shake it off.

    but something is wrong... i'm not thinking clearly. i place my cup under the ice machine & walk away. Mom asks where my drink is... i ask what she's talking about.

    then i reach out in front of me & lean forward. i think i'm pushing on the door - i want to go sit in the car - but i'm not seeing clearly, the door is several feet away.

    i pass out.

    i was rushed to my health provider's version of the emergency room. WITHOUT HITTING MY HEAD, i got a concussion! i hit the ground on my rear end with such force that my tailbone not only cracked, but the force traveled up my spine & shook my brain my skull.

    my doctor said it was her first patient she'd actually seen who had done that... she asked if i was sure i hadn't hit my head, but there was no wall where i was walking, and she verified there were no bruises or tender spots on my head at all. she'd read about this but never seen it.

    so i walked in for a drink & broke my rear end, giving myself a concussion without hitting my head.

    did i feel foolish? you bet!

    but you better believe i'll never brush off an embarrassing fall ever again...

  4. Hi! Everyone falls . Everyone ages. Everyone does things when God is ready for them to do that thing. I am glad you are taking care of yourself and getting more me time. Pat


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