Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Someone's Five!

That's right!  Our littlest boy isn't so little anymore.  Sniff. Sniff.
Dennis turned five years old today!
 What a cause for celebration!
It seems like just yesterday that we were celebrating his 2nd birthday!  Boy has he blossomed!
His teacher gave him a card and a cool calculator.  He came home squealing with delight!

After dinner we sang happy birthday.  Rachel decorated his cake.
No words needed. :)
Dennis was cute reading his homemade birthday cards.
"Happy birthday Dennis!  I love you!" he read.
Julia immediately began building the car garage that Dennis got.  It was so complicated that she called for back-up.
Happy birthday sweet boy! We all love, love, love, love, love you!  
Yes we do! 
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I don't want to have to beg.  Well... okay.
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  1. Happy Birthday Dennis! It seems like yesterday you were bringing him home! P.S. I voted!

  2. I voted for you! Happy Birthday, Dennis!! We can't believe you are 5!! You're a star!!

    Adrienne and family!

  3. Happy Birthday to your sweet boy. Looks like he had a fun party. :-)

    His eye looks so good.

  4. Happy Birthday, Dennis! Our Michael turned 5 exactly one week ago today. I often wonder if you guys new each other in the orphanage. I would LOVE for you two to meet up again one day and reconnect. BIG hugs for a BIG boy on your special day!!

  5. Dennis looks great! He doesn't look like a preschooler any more. His eye looks wonderful. Happy birthday, sweet boy!

    I vote every morning. I hope that others will vote, too! Help Christine win!!!

  6. I voted again! Seems like you are RIGHT BEHIND Bakers Dozen!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DENNIS....He has come so far and I can see that not only have you given him so much but he has given so much to your family....

  7. Happy Birthday Dennis!!! YOu are growing from a beautiful baby boy into a very handsome young man!!!

  8. HaPpY BiRtHdAy. I've been following your blog longer than I realized.

  9. Happy 5th Birthday Dennis!!! It has been such a blessing to watch you bring Dennis home and then watch him grow and THRIVE!! He stole my heart long ago:-)

  10. Christine,
    He looks amazing!!!!! What a sweet, sweet boy. Wish I could meet your family some day.

  11. Happy Birthday to such a handsome boy!

    I voted. I'll try to vote daily for you. Good luck!! I love your blog, so I hope you win.

  12. Happy Birthday Dennis!!! i love you

  13. Happy birthday Dennis! I'm voting every day!

  14. Happy Birthday Dennis!! What a sweetie - so happy!


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