Monday, September 12, 2011


My Mom and sister came to visit before heading back up north.
The kids have been on a skateboarding, rollerskating kick for the last few weeks.  Going to the skateboard park with John three times a week wasn't enough so they tried making ramps at home.
As a surprise I took the kids to Home Depot one day to buy wood to make more ramps.
We were incredibly blessed to find a scrap pile where every piece of wood was fifty-one cents!
The kids were are so happy with their $3.00 ramps!
At the risk of being chastised for not having the kids wear helmets in our backyard like they have to when they go to the skateboard park, I will share that Andrew hurt his hand or maybe it was his leg and came in for some Mama / Baboonya love.
In no time he was back outside skating!


  1. Voted! I will vote every day until... what? Do you know when I'm supposed to stop?

  2. I often pray for the Grace that the Lord gives me to spill from my heart to my children. Sometimes ok many times, I am not as forgiving as my Lord is but I am learning. So I greatful that the Lord know's my heart.
    I cant even say how many times I just blow it as a parent when one of my kids are just testing my patience to my limits. If there were a parenting booklet on my kids I would have to get 5 of them since they are all different and nothing works the same on each.

  3. I just voted! Good luck! Now off to find out what endogamy is...


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