Friday, September 16, 2011

She's Thirteen!

Anna is thirteen today!  She has been waiting to be called a teenager like forever!
Happy birthday!
This story would not be complete if I left out one very embarrassing part.  We planned to go to Red Robin for her birthday celebration and even scored a reservation.   We took two cars, and were nearly to the restaurant when Galina spoke up and asked, "Hey where is Andrew?"
After a quick head count in both vehicles we realized that Andrew was indeed still at home.
Annalyn chimed in, "Oh yeah, I saw Andrew sleeping on the couch."
Big sigh.
Nothing beats forgetting a sleeping kid at home to make a birthday truly memorable.  
As we drove back, John kept calling and calling the house. Andrew didn't pick up.
 Grandma and Grandpa got their first.
Andrew was sound asleep on the couch.  They shook him awake to find him with the fever that has been going through our house. 
So that explains why he was so conked out.  They gave him some Motrin and we ended up going to the local Denny's.

The medicine kicked in and he was good to go.

Without a call ahead, we were met with smiling faces that seemed genuinely happy to receive our business.
Grandma and Grandpa  
Our whole family minus Adam who took the picture
The birthday girl with Julia
Isn't this picture funny?
Wow-- after all this time I finally figured out how to turn the flash off my camera.
Anna was really pleased with all her presents.  She got an MP3 player from Grandma and Grandpa, feathers for her hair, a teen magazine, a Justin Bieber shirt too
what this girl really said she wants is for you to vote here.  
Honest, ask her yourself. :)
Just look at Anna's beautiful, big girl smile!  I can't believe how much she has changed in the last six years.  Just look at how cute and little she was in this short video.
Thanks for being such a spunky, outgoing, great girl!  We love you lots!


  1. Happy birthday anna I love you!!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Anna! John is HILARIOUS in that video. I love how even when he is talking in English, he has a Russian accent.

  3. What a beautiful birthday girl. LOVE the freckles! And I voted so Happy Birthday!

    I'm jealous you have audio & video of your girls speaking Russian. My Russian daughter refused to speak if the camera was on so sadly, we have almost none.

    May I ask which region your Russian-born children are from? Mine is from Novosibirsk. Just curious.

    Cheryl in ID

  4. Happy Birthday Anna, I went and voted for you:)

  5. Happy, happy birthday Anna!

    I voted today and yesterday. :)


  6. Happy Birthday Anna!! Lots of love from all of us, Brad, Connie, Brian and Honor :)

  7. Happy Birthday Anna! The feathers are beautiful. :)

  8. Hi Your daughter's birthday seems like a blast.Big families do have up and downs. Pat

  9. Happy birthday Anna hope you have a sweet birthday love your feathers are so cute were did you get them?


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