Thursday, September 29, 2011

Letting the Creative Juices Flow

The kids went to art again today.  I left them to run to the grocery store, but look what I came back to.
I can't believe the artists they are becoming!

Sveta's artwork

Anna's artwork.  You only see one painting because she ripped up the other one on the drive home.  :(

Anastasia's artwork

Julia's artwork

Rachel's artwork

Galina's artwork

Annalyn's artwork

William's artwork
Art is something I am having the kids do.  None of them are thrilled to go unless they know they are working with clay.  I say tough.
But, there are times when I wonder how much it would hurt them if they didn't go.
Today William was outside skateboarding with his brothers who had just gotten home from school.  When I called out to him that it was time to go he nearly had a fit.
"Why do I have to go?  It is sooooooo boring.  I'm not going to enjoy myself."
I tried to appease him-- "Come on, you'll enjoy it once your there.  And Paul will be joining you in a few months.  This will be good for you."
He sulked all the way there.
Listening to Anne of Green Gables on audio tape probably didn't help.  Oh yes I did and I am enjoying every second of it!
When he first got there he was so grumpy I was afraid to leave for the grocery store.
I whispered into his ear, "William are you going to put a smile on your face?  I am concerned that I can't go the store and leave you here without worrying that you'll be a grump the whole time.  Don't you want me to get a bunch of new cereals?"
I broke him.  He smiled.  "I'll be good Mom."
I guess we'll take one week at a time.
The kids go through phases.
Right now they are watching Little Rascals all the time.  Choo-Choo and Fishy Tales are two of their favorites along with Honkey Donkey.
At 8:45 pm I told them it was bedtime.
"Awww Mom, we just started one more episode of Little Rascals.  Can we watch it?"


  1. Sveta is very talented in arts. I saw it even before, when You posted her work.
    Of course voting every day :)

  2. This art is fabulous! All of your kids did a great job. I think they should definitely keep at it. And your son sounds like mine, once he his home and playing he doesn't want to go anywhere or do anything!

  3. Sveta's artwork struck me too, especially the multicolored one.

    I've been reading about "unschooling" lately. I suppose my homeschool was more like that than some of my friends, but I wish I had been even more relaxed. No matter what your kids do, the more they enjoy it, the better they will learn and remember. (That is not to say they should never be made to do things they don't enjoy. We all need to learn that too.)

  4. I think you should purchase some frames and pick one of each childs paintings to display in a grouping. These are really great. I work with teens in the juvenile detention facilities locally and love to see the transformation in my students over the 8 weeks we work together. Art and music are very good therapy. (I voted)

  5. Sveta's artwork is stunning!

    Maybe William didn't like this project, because it was a little "girly?"

  6. Hi! The artwork is beautiful. In many public schools art classes have been cut back and eliminated in so school. I think this is sad that children can not be creative.Good luck, Pat

  7. I love all the pictures but especially Sveta's. She must have big potential hidden!! Or apparently? :))


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