Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Last of the Ukraine Photos

Okay, so I am finally just getting around to the last photos of our trip to Ukraine.  As I was looking at them tonight my heart skipped a beat.  I miss it.

This salad is absolutely perfect.
Probably because Marina made it.  Everything she makes is wonderful.  It has cabbage, cucumber, fresh dill, chervil, lemongrass, sunflower oil, and salt and pepper.
This is David.  He is the founder of River of Joy.  He just got out of the hospital-- please pray that he gets stronger everyday.
Not far from ROJ is this beautiful sunflower field.
I asked the driver to stop so we can take pictures.
On our last day, Sasha was sad.  So were we.  Thankfully we email with him nearly everyday.  He is going to technical school but feels very alone.  He considers us his family.  I do too.  God knows our hearts and I pray that He reunites us soon. 
The train ride back to Kiev was the worst one ever in terms of how miserably hot and uncomfortable it was.  I was very impressed by how well David handled it since as soon as he dropped us off at the airport he was getting right back on the train to head back to Crimea.   If he could find joy.. I could at least try.
We pointed to this display case and asked to buy some gum and cookies from the train master.  We expected her to go into her cabin and get what we wanted from her hidden stash.  Instead she pulled out her screwdriver and opened up the display case and gave us our very dusty snacks.
I thought to myself-- only in Ukraine!
Once we arrived in Kiev, we had a few hours to kill before going to the airport.  We hung out in the station.
Julia and David found a little Internet cafe nestled in the middle of these shops.  It was a treat to have Internet for 20 minutes before heading out into the heat to catch a bus to Borispol.
Ukraine has expanded its airport.  Now there are two terminals.  International flights leave out of the new one.  Wish we would have known that before walking to the old terminal.


  1. I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed the pictures of Ukraine. I love it there SO much.

    Thanks for posting them!

  2. Aw this is great - I am so glad that you guys had a wonderful time in Ukraine. It looks like you guys were very blessed.

    You are doing much better than I am on posting pictures. I have been home from Africa for 3 months and I stilled haven't posted any on my blog.

  3. Loved reading all the posts about your most recent trip. :)


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