Friday, September 16, 2011

It Popped Through!

Ooooooo!  How exciting!  They are growing!  The Jacaranda seeds I planted have finally germinated!  Look- look their little green heads have popped up through the soil!  Grow little ones grow!
Dennis is trying so hard in school.  Here is one of his first pieces of work.  I wanted to be able to compare it to his work at the end of the year.
Our charter school has so many resources-- we just have to take advantage of them.  I check out new games and puzzles for the kids every week!  This week the kids are doing peg boards.  I got them for the younger kids but the older ones enjoy doing them too.
Here is William going through each card and duplicating the design on his peg board. 


  1. I think I need my eyes checked. I thought your title said, "It POOPED through" so I was thinking, "Wow, one of her kids swallowed money, too?" Or maybe a Lego?

    Loved seeing the project that POPPED through. School with hands-on projects is so much fun.

    Enjoy your weekend, busy Momma!

  2. Hi! I am glad your charter school has many support resources . I know I have had to buy all the support resources I needed for my children homeschooling. I have even bought the supplies for the science experiments in the high school grades which can be quite expense. Good luck with your school year, Pat

  3. Sorry birthday girl...but is this William?! He has changed a lot from the picture posted on the side. Or maybe it's just the angle. Anyway, if you are having issues with him, some of them, if not most of them, may be related to hormones. He's growing up.


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