Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fun In Hollywood!

We splurged and went all out for this trip.
We rented a limo and traveled in style.
Yeah right!  Not!  It was the girls idea to pose by this limousine.

We actually bee-bopped over in our Expedition that seats nine.
Last night I found some great deals on tickets to the wax museum.  It was so much fun the girls wanted to spend all day in there.
First thing, we posed with Rambo.
Then we saw the cast of Wizard of Oz.
Brenden Fraser didn't mind posing for a quick picture with his fans.  We loved him in George of the Jungle.
Rachel got a kick out of this genie.  None of the girls really knew what show she was from. 
Jack Black from Nacho Libre is one cool dude!  So is Hulk who didn't mind standing off to the side.
I was so excited to see Leonardo DiCaprio!
We walked up and down the Walk of Fame.
The girls had fun pointing out the names they recognized.
Annalyn and Julia found a star for Rugrats!
This woman pretending to be Marilyn Monroe was so entertaining.  She was so into playing Marilyn that she even signed her autograph on a McDonald's napkin.
Most of the characters would only pose for a picture if you gave them a donation.
The girls were thrilled when I told them I found a couple of dollar bills in my wallet.
Spongebob was $1

So was this robot guy.
Elmo was $1
But when Michale Jackson asked for $3, I politely passed.  The girls kept talking to him and before I knew it he was welcoming me back to take a picture-- for free!
Michael thought it was cool that we were a family with 15 kids.
He even invited us to be a part of his book that he is putting together as a tribute to Michael.

Shrek was a true gentleman!  He posed for free!
We saw the Kodak Theater, and Grauman's Chinese Theater too.

Since we wouldn't have time to drive up to the Hollywood sign, the girls posed in front of this picture instead.
Our day in Hollywood was so much fun!  The girls were sad when I told them it was time to go home, but it was getting late.  As I pulled out of the parking garage, I got behind a Hollywood tour van that was just leaving for a tour of the movie stars' homes.  All day these guys pestered us to sign up for one of their tours, but it was just too expensive-- so when I got behind one of them, I joked with the girls  that we would just follow the van and get the tour for free.  They were all excited-- but then I remembered-- it was getting late.

So what did I say??

"Next time girls."

Big sigh-- why did I say that? 


  1. What a great trip! :-) I love your Titanic pose & the girls with Spongebob! :-p

  2. I love your record of this great adventure with the girls!!! So glad you all had fun. :)

  3. Fun trip! Loved all the pics. I went to vote for you and they are down for maintenance, I promise to vote in the morning before church:)

    Have a wonderful Sunday with your family!

  4. What a great day! Love the smiling faces! So happy that you enjoyed yourselves together!

    Now who's the eighth girl - a friend or a future daughter :-) ?

  5. It sounds like a fun day...How far away is it from your home ?

  6. Do you have an extra girl with you or am I missing something? Anyway it looks like you gals (I always say guys) had a great time. I keep voting.

  7. Looks like you had a wonderful time!!! :)

  8. Oh dear - Anna's caught the Bieber bug. I feel sorry for you :) I banned Oksana from playing it, though she's still a little young to go crazy over him.

    Sounds like you all had a great day! You are so fortunate to live close enough to go there for a day trip!

  9. Okay, Christine, you need to put the girls names under at least one photo. I was scrolling up & down your blog trying to put names with faces! ; )
    I DID read a former post that said you were bringing a friend. I have been voting faithfully. Oh, and I think that "Marilyn" was really a "Marvin"! It looks like a FUN time for ALL of you Girls!!


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