Saturday, September 3, 2011

Finished Up Another Week

Two weeks into the home school year and we are finally finding our groove.  Each child has such a personalized curriculum plan that I am thrilled when I can stop and teach a unit to a group of kids.
This week we studied microbes and islands. 
This is what our Friday looked like.  I did not get to Anna and William's math so we will do it over the weekend.  And I totally forgot that Monday was a holiday so the test will be Tuesday!
John and the kids learned that jogging around the lawn 25 times equals a mile.
Five of the kids worked on Island reports this week  Since we did not go to art class I had them draw their island rather than print out a picture off the Internet and paste it on.  It was a very informal report-- mainly learning to do research on the Internet to gather facts.  William and Anna had the most trouble but learned that research evolves from thinking of questions and diving into the information.  It is not always at your fingertips listed on a fact page.  Since they are in sixth grade they had to find only 17 facts instead of 25.
This is Julia's report.
This is Anna's report.
This is William's report on Volcanic Islands.
This is Annalyn's report.
This is Galina's report.
And here I am making kiwi fruit roll-up.
After drying into leather overnight I was disappointed how sour it was.  I should have added sugar. 
Oh well-- live and learn.


  1. Wow! Here I thought I was busy. It's such an accomplished feeling when the week is over though. I hope you have a relaxing holiday weekend.

  2. It sounds like your kids are having fun learning.

  3. I am tired just thinking about it!

  4. Hi It looks like you are really busy with all your course work. Good luck in your year of homeschooling. Pat

  5. Hi there,

    Love the school reports. We homeschool too but my children are much younger so it's nice to see what the older homeschoolers are up to! :)


  6. All the reports look great. Wish my handwriting was as good as Julia's.

    Oh, yes, I saw where The Slave Dancer was written on the whiteboard. I recently read it. It was good.

  7. Love the projects! What great work they did!!!

  8. adding banana or apple to fruit leather usually sweetens it up quite a bit. Kiwi is kind of sour alone, but I would still love to try it!

    NICE reports! awesome work.

  9. Oh, I love The Cay, great book! It looks like your kids have done an amazing amount of work on islands, I'm so impressed! Hope you have a great long weekend.

  10. Hi! Your back yard looks nice. I like the bike track. Do you think you will put a pool in I know you loved your last pool?This summer in Erie has been really hot .My children went to the beach many times. Pat

  11. i have not read the book but it looks good so i might give it a try if i have time.


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