Friday, September 23, 2011

Doing Better

The pain is doing better.
My attention is gotten.
I'm changing my eating habits out of necessity.
My gall bladder is long gone... I know some of you were wondering.  What I deal with is my bile duct getting irritated-- a result of my gall bladder problems going undiagnosed for so long.
I can choose to undergo an ERCP where the doctor temporarily "fixes" things, but that puts me at risk for getting Pancreatitis.  I don't have time for that.

So.... moving on.

I took Dennis to the doctor who performed his surgery for a post-op visit-- and I was very honest-- but nice honest of course.  He was so understanding and receptive to my feedback.
The plan is to have Dennis see the Cranial Facial team and then right after have another follow-up with him.
If other doctors want to do additional reconstructive surgery on Dennis, he will coordinate and most likely exchange his orbital implant with fat tissue from Dennis' thigh that will grow with him at the same time.
The kids continue to go to art class once a week.
Here are their latest drawings.
This week a few of the kids read an article on Easter Island.  Here are two of the drawings of the statues.
So what did the kids learn?
That Squidward's house on Spongebob looks just like these statues!
We are watching Like Dandelion Dust for the third time this week.  So many emotions-- even I cry each and every time I watch it.  But it is all good. 

Courageous is coming out on September 30th!  Have you heard of it?
You can watch the opening scene here.
I hope our whole family can go and watch it.
A few of you have left some interesting comments about Rachel and Sasha.
I didn't even publish a few.
Trust me-- no arranged marriages here.
In fact, I was more against their instant attraction then I care to admit.
Afterall, they are an ocean apart!  I lightened up.
But, they are in love.  They write everyday.  They Skype when given the chance, and they exchange small thoughtful gifts.
Shhh-- but Sasha even made Rachel something for her birthday which isn't until December.
No arranged marriage here-- I am just not fooling myself either.
I married at 18.  My Mom approved 100 fold.
Stop worrying-- no arranged marriage here. It just so happens that I approve because Sasha is a great guy!
He's not looking for a ride to America-- that was me who suggested that.
Why? Because Sasha does not have any family to speak of over in Ukraine.
He is hardworking, honest, loving, trustworthy, and has a heart of gold.
Period.  But he would be just as content with Rachel being over there!
Now what would you prefer as a Mom?


  1. I went to Courageous and so did Tyler and Adam. There were no children allowed at the preview and I"m glad. THere was too much I would not have wanted the twins to see. EVen though every single person in the movie is a dedicated Christian, the bad guys look really bad in it and there is gun play and violence when they try to kidnap a little girl. And just other stuff I wouldn't want to explain to anyone under 10 at least. And I'm really not sure about Jasmine seeing it. She's ten but there's lots we'd have to talk about first.

  2. I voted today and lots of other days too. You and Baker's Dozen are so far ahead of the others that I think you should share the prize. (Is there a prize?)

  3. Glad you are feeling better. Take care of yourself!!!

    Looking forward to Courageous.

    Love your kid's art work. You have some talented children. My Whitney is in an art class at school and I have been so pleased at her progress this year. She loves art and they are beginning photography so she is very excited about that. She would love to be a professional photographer one day so this is a good opportunity to learn a bit about it.

  4. Voting for you daily :-)

    'Glad you are feeling better.

    MariaG (Canada)

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  6. i love those pictures of the art they are so lovely of the easter island heads idi you squidward has a house that is an easter island house?


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