Friday, September 30, 2011

All About Alex

I am so proud of Alex. The last week or two has been a complete turnaround for him. He is behaving at school, he is getting his homework done, and as a result he received an award today at school!

Way to go Alex!

I have been meaning to do a post about each of the kids-- how they are doing, what they are doing, and what their current likes and dislikes are.

I think I will start with Alex.


Alex is a funny little man.

He laughs at anything-- over and over and over.

Hence the name-- funny little man. :)

He loves to watch movies- especially Spongebob.

He loves bananas, Starfall, his stuffed doggy, and baths.

Cornflakes and Cheerios make him gag but he will polish off a plate of baked chicken like there is no tomorrow and ask for more!

Alex recently learned to brush every surface of his teeth and take off his braces.

He loves to cuddle and ride his little red car.

Alex wakes up each morning telling me how he plans to have a green card day.

The other day when I went to hug him, he actually set down his crutches and hugged me back.

I melted.

Overall, Alex is in a good place right now.


This morning we were studying his words for his spelling test since the teacher sent home a note saying that he didn't do too well on his pretest. Alex did not want to study in the least.

Right in the middle of practicing, out of nowhere he tells me--

"I have to go poo-poo!" Boy, did he act as if it was an urgent mater.

I was so excited that he actually recognized this feeling and told me that I raced to get him to the bathroom.

Absolutely nothing.

"I thought you had to go potty?"


That rascal.

Still, he is doing amazingly well!


  1. So, the only reason your're blogging so much latley is because you want the top spot? Hmmm....

  2. I think Alex is adroable I hope he has many, many great days in his future. I love reading your posts I like reading about each of the kids.


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