Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Spontaneous Trip

Grandma and Grandpa are down for a visit.  Today we decided to pack up a picnic and head to the beach.
For all of you SoCal residents-- can you please share your favorite beach?  We went back to Doheny State Beach and while yes, we had a good time-- we doubt we will go back.
Too many rocks, the shore line is steep and within a few feet out you are in over your head.
I guess there were high waves and rip currents that the lifeguards would not let us go past our knees.
Paul and Sveta
The boys had fun playing on the beach!
Annalyn and Rachel "hanging out."
Grandma and Grandpa
We came home and barbecued hamburgers and had broccoli salad and a wonderful feta, pecan,
and pear salad.


  1. Seal beach is pretty shallow, I can walk out past the waves and still be only waste deep (least, the last time I went). Good luck finding a nice place.

  2. I am a former So Cal gal..... My favorite places: San Clemente, Newport, (orange county) Hermosa in L.A. county.

  3. I like Corona del mar. This was probably not a good weekend for the beach as the rip currents were really strong. We went to Avila Beach on the central coast near Pismo, this is my favorite beach. Corona del Mar is near Orange county and is a nice beach if it isn't crowded.

  4. I grew up in SoCal but live in NorCal now. Our fav beach is Cresent Bay. It's has the private beach feel. It is up the street from Lauguna. When you go up the street turn on Cliff Drive and it's at the end of the road. Wish I was there now, lol

  5. Redondo Beach is great for kids...the teens will love Hermosa Beach.

  6. Wow-- thanks gals! I never even heard of these beaches. Do they have easy access-- Alex would need to be carried. Is there lots of sand? Bathrooms?-- we need bathrooms. :)

  7. Where in so cal are you located?

    I'm in ventura, and my fav by far is mondos. It a great surfing cove with sandy beaches and during low tide you can walk out 500 ft and still be waist high. I love it because its a great beginner surf spot! Its kind of a local place but without the local attitude, other surfers are always encouraging beginners and yelling out tips (paddle faster, you almost got it, etc) and are great about sharing waves. Its very laid back, dogs running around, chill. No rocks or beach breaks, so pretty tame/safe. Great boggie boarding also.

    Bad news: because its a local spot..

    no bathrooms....that's what wetsuits/the ocean is for!
    no lifegaurds
    have to scramble down a hill to get to the sand (not that bad, everyone does it with long boards just fine)
    no boardwalk/entertainment of the hyped up tourist spots
    no designated parking, park across the street by the railroad track, very close and free though!

    located off pch/hw 1 between beach front houses, just north of emma wood state beach (which has bathrooms!) close to downtown Ventura and the beach community there

  8. My daughter and I will be in Anaheim and Riverside this week visiting from Virginia. We are celebrating her 16th birthday. Our friends in Riverside are taking us to Newport Beach. I can't wait! We've never been to CA. We leave Wed and will be there until the following Tues.

  9. Hey Christine,

    I was just down in SoCal a few weeks ago visiting a friend of mine. She had recommended Newport Beach. I went there twice. It is a really nice, long beach. It has the private beach feel to it. There are bathrooms! It would be easy to carry Alex as there are no stairs, slopes or hills.

  10. Hi Christine, I love in South Orange County and I drive to Newport Beach! I love it up there and go way out of my way to avoid all the South County beaches because they all have rocks etc. Email me anytime and I will fill you in!

  11. In my opinion Doheny is one of the worst beaches here in Orange County. It's way too close to the Harbor and just yuck. However I would recommend San Clemente (near the pier for easy access/bathrooms), Laguna (Main Beach), or Huntington!

  12. Redondo Beach is awesome - and if you can visit friends who live there, even better ;)

  13. Hi! I do not live in Cal.. But in PA there are many nice beaches that are maintained by the state. In the Erie area there is Presque Isle State Park.The sand is beautiful and the beaches are life guarded.Pat

  14. We live near Redondo Beach/Torrance Beach which is close to Los Angeles. There's a great bike path, bathrooms, volleyball courts, pier, etc. There's a big parking lot up top and you can walk down a cemented ramp to get to the beach. And if you're in the area on the weekend and looking for a church-come over to King's Harbor Church in Torrance. Tons of families who have adopted :) Blessings

  15. We live in Riverside County and always go to Newport. I can email you directions if you like. Lots of parking, bathrooms, etc.. We "only" have seven kids but I totally understand what you mean about the bathrooms:)


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