Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Reed Stack of Pancakes

This is what a stack of pancakes look like in our house.
Judge them if you will,
but they were delicious.

Now it's your turn.
Show me your stack of pancakes!


  1. Considering how many you are, I was actually surprised by how few the pancakes were. Now we don't make the same kind of pancakes (ours are really thin) but the children all eat three or four each and us adults may even eat five.

  2. I voted for you!

    As for pancakes, they look awesome...Its been a longggg time since I have eaten one as it is not a common breakfast food here....

    About Dennis and the bus: YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    : )

  3. OH and Christine, when my MIL died last year suddenly out of nowhere at 64 yrs old, My 10 yr old did not go to her funeral...as a matter of fact we did not tell her until 2 weeks after the fact....during the time my husband was grieving we just made like he did not feel good and my Mom had the girls over alot...The reason was because we knew my 10 yr old...we know how she is...we also kept out certain information like she died in her sleep....

    When my husband felt up to it we sat down with her and explained that Lala had gone to heaven...She knew what that meant and even said You mean....she is DEAD????..and started screaming NO NO NOOO....BUT my husband and myself were able to calm her and talk to her.....til this day I think she was affected by the suddenness of the death (the night before her death they had spoken)and for awhile would ask things like "Do you think you will die today?"...Like checking...

    But as a MOM, I had no doubt that it owuld be infinitely WORSE if she had gone to the wake and funeral...not only because of MIL´s death but my husband was an absolute WRECK (they were very close) and I did not want my daughter to have to view that either. I still feel like I made the right decision at the time and I am sure you did too..We know our kids. We know ourselves.....


  4. I like the pancake still on the counter. :)


  5. Milena that was actually one of two stacks! :)

    Thanks girls for all the votes!


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