Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sudak on the Black Sea

The day before we left, David asked us if we wanted to go to the sea.  Up until then we had not went  sightseeing, but then again I am not much of a sightseeing person.  Julia was excited to go... Sasha had never been to the sea... so we went.
The bus ride over was interesting.  We took one bus out to the main highway hoping that we could flag down another bus that happened to be going to the sea.  You never know how long till the next bus or you might get lucky and someone might stop and offer you a ride.  After waiting in the hot sun, we flagged down a bus that we thought was going to Feodosiya only to find that it was going to Sudak.  So Sudak it was!
From the bus station we caught a taxi that took us straight to the Black Sea.
Everyone was in skimpy little bathing suits.  First thing we saw was a little boy wearing a thong speedo.
Trust me when I say that Julia was overdressed in her one piece.
The water was luke warm and there were no waves.  But Sasha was like a little kid in the candy store with excitement so I can only imagine what it will be like when he sees the Pacific Ocean for the first time! 
There were lots of activities on the beach.  From para sailing to massages-- there was something for everyone!
Here is what looks like a castle that sits on the cliff at Sudak.
Sasha wanted to make sure that he got lots of pictures!
It was very hot on the beach.  The only place we could find that had shade was this biker restaurant.
The decor was quite interesting.
After trying to order five different things on the menu only to be told that they can't make it, we were told that their fryer was not working.
David ordered a couple of sandwiches.
Julia said, "Watch.  I bet they are going to come back and tell us that they don't have bread."
Sure enough, the waitress came back to tell us that they didn't have the right kind of  bread that the sandwich is normally served on.  It was hilarious.
Next, David asked for an iced coffee.
"We don't have that."
David said, "Please bring me a cup of coffee and a glass of ice then."
As we finished up our meal the place began to fill up with young adults who were ordering alcoholic beverages.  Before we left, I had to use the toilet and of course it was the kind you had to stand and aim into.  Let's just say that I had to rinse my foot.  I wondered how the drunk women who wore heels managed such a toilet... or better yet.  What if they had to hug the toilet? Yuck!


  1. Loving hearing about your trip (the toilet paragraph made me giggle!).


  2. What a great side trip! I was in Turkey years ago and missed an opportunity to see the Black Sea so very cool you made the time to see it. Europeans do love their Speedos!

  3. Ukraine is always an adventure, but I love her so......

  4. Your experience totally brought back memories of traveling in Brazil. Eating out was always an adventure. I never experienced these types of toilets, but I heard of them. They were just holes in the ground, but they painted little feet where you should appropriately put your feet as you aimed.

  5. I used the same type of toilets when traveling in Africa - I just don't think guys fully understand how much easier it is for them to use them then for a lady too!

  6. "when Sasha sees the Pacific Ocean...?" ??? :)

  7. Hi! My daughter went to Jordon and she said the toilets were weird compared to American toilets they were holes in the floor of the bathroom very different than American toilets.Pat


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